Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

By: Morgan Peterson @mopeeeezy When trying to land the perfect dream job, it’s important to find a way to stand out to the employer. Sure you might have a perfect resume and transcript, but you are a dime a dozen to some employers. If you don’t get the opportunity to get an interview, a personal website is one of the best ways to stand out from other candidates. Showcase Your Work With a personal website, you can market yourself and your work, however you want to. By creating this website you have an exclusive space of your best work. It’s … Continue reading Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

Turning a Website Platform to a Personal Stage

By: Morgan Brenner @morganbren  You find a personal brand, you design your social media around that brand, but then what? Resumes tell future employers about work history and special talents but they don’t cover everything you may define yourself by. Personal websites are the perfect platforms to get across every personal or professional aspect you want others to have access to. With the magic of customizable website platforms even someone with no HTML experience can make their perfect personal web page. flavors.me For the more visual based young professional this site is easy to use and easy to customize. A … Continue reading Turning a Website Platform to a Personal Stage

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Have A Theme

By: Allison Rumsas @allisonrumsas It seems that every time I check Twitter or go on Facebook I have another friend or follower that has recently created a blog. Blogs are no longer solely used as an outlet to share your opinions or the details of your everyday life, but are now great tools to enhance your portfolio, gain more writing experience and connect with a greater audience. Starting a blog is relatively easy with help from websites such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Google+; the difficultly comes after the blog is created. It’s easy to get carried away with the hundreds … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Have A Theme

Blogging – Your Own Blank Online Canvas

If I had a quarter for every time a class, professor or professional stressed the importance of being a good writer I’d be rich enough to have a closet full of Louboutins and Louis Vittons. (A girl can dream, right?!) From press releases to ad copy to news writing to social media lingo, a successful PRofessional is one who can creatively communicate and articulate a message to their audience. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your strengths and style as a writer. Whether you’re writing for a company or trying to develop your own personal brand, a blog can be your … Continue reading Blogging – Your Own Blank Online Canvas

What Your Favorite Social Media Says About You

As young people – especially as PR students – we hear it over and over again: “Social media is taking over the world!” New social networking sites are popping up faster than we can download the apps on our smartphones, and your social media drug-of-choice can give a lot of insight into your personality. What does your favorite say about your personality? Facebook: You social butterfly, you! You’re an extrovert who loves to be in the know about all your friends’ current events. Most likely, your friends have learned to stop sharing new gossip with you because your reaction is … Continue reading What Your Favorite Social Media Says About You

Blogging 101: What Should I Call Me?

Trying to figure out the theme of a blog, let alone the name could take hours, weeks or months if you’re really stuck. It’s like the epitome of writer’s block but worse because there’s not a definite focus. What did I do when it came to creating my blog? I thought about what I liked, what I am passionate about and what I am going to do with my life. The first two were easier, but the last one helped me with what I was going to write. My advice, follow these steps and you’ll have your own blog in … Continue reading Blogging 101: What Should I Call Me?