3 Inconveniences of Traveling Made Easier – by Apps

By: Erin Golden, @erinngolden Traveling is easily one of the most rewarding experiences there is. Seeing other cultures, experiencing new people, and coming back completely enlightened, are all benefits of traveling this wonderful world of ours. As anyone who’s traveled knows, however, it isn’t always “fun and games.” Sometimes the most frustration comes from some of the most common traveling situations. Delayed/changed flights. Ugh. Currency conversion (no one said PR people are good at math). Wandering the streets looking for someplace to eat (when you’re already starving).  But with the wonderful world of technology and smartphones at our feet, there … Continue reading 3 Inconveniences of Traveling Made Easier – by Apps

Big Lights, Big City: The Small Town Girl’s Guide to a Big City

By: Sam Miller @keepcalmsam14 It’s no secret that in this business big cities are the hubs of public relations. However, being born and raised in small town Somerset,Ohio, does not prepare you for a city that has so many new things to offer. The village I live in is nestled in Perry County, and is a solid hour and a half drive to a city where there are not cornfields every mile. So you could say that being dropped in the middle of Washington D.C. for PRSSA National Conference was a little overwhelming. However, during my stay I picked up a … Continue reading Big Lights, Big City: The Small Town Girl’s Guide to a Big City

5 sites that are making travel more social

By: Lindsey Zimmerman @lindseyzim716 Good news for everyone suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust: it’s easier now to see the world than ever before! In the past, would-be explorers usually had to book their adventures through a travel agent, but now travelers can plan and personalize every aspect of their trips in ways that wouldn’t have been possible even a decade ago. And with our society becoming more and more connected every single day, travel planning is becoming a social experience as well. Here are just a few of the many apps and websites that make travel planning a … Continue reading 5 sites that are making travel more social

Summer Spotlight: Kathleen Marincic

By: Kathleen Marincic @KathMarincic As all summers seem to go, this summer flew by. It feels like just weeks ago, my parents were down in Athens helping me pack up my old house to move it all into my new apartment and I had close to 4 months of freedom in front of me. With the exception of it going too fast, this summer was by far one of the best! After being bedridden for almost a week straight after a slow and painful wisdom teeth removal process, I was on the go with family, friends, work and other summer … Continue reading Summer Spotlight: Kathleen Marincic

Diversifying my Skills: Documentary Filmmaking

 Two months ago I had one of the most amazing and stressful experiences I have ever had in my 19 years of life, the opportunity to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador for a documentary filmmaking program through Ohio University. I was not exactly prepared when I walked into my first class session during fall semester – because this was my first experience ever working with film beyond the mediocre short movies I made using a digital camera and a trial version of Final Cut Pro. During the first week, we split up into the four documentary groups we would work … Continue reading Diversifying my Skills: Documentary Filmmaking

International Travel for the Inexperienced Traveler

In less than a month I will be traveling to Quito, Ecuador for a study abroad trip and I could not be more excited! Considering I’ve only been on a plane twice in my life and have only had one real experience abroad, preparing for this trip has been a pain in my backside. So here’s the basics of what I’ve learned so far in my how-to on preparing for traveling abroad: Get a passport (if you already have a passport check the expiration date): I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Thanks Captain Obvious! I’m going out of the country … Continue reading International Travel for the Inexperienced Traveler

5 Reasons You Need International Experience

One of the biggest things that can make a candidate stand out in an interview is having international experience.  With an increasing global economy, it is extremely beneficial for students to get international experience and become more marketable and well rounded. At Ohio University there is a program called “The Global Leadership Center” or GLC. The GLC is a two-year certificate program that focuses on developing “internationally-minded, locally-engaged leaders in all walks of life.” The purpose of this program is to make students better rounded and skilled, both professionally and culturally so they are prepared for working with international clients … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need International Experience