Do as I say, not as I do – senior advice on my freshman mistakes

By: Logan Trautman, @logantrautman It could be the fact that the final semester of my final year at OHIO is quickly coming to a close, but recently I’ve been reflecting back on the last four years. As I try to plan my post-grad life, when I’m not hyperventilating, I catch myself thinking what I would have done differently in the years leading up to these final months to better prepare myself for what lies ahead. Internships are not for upperclassmen only I have held three internships since being in college; all three took place within my junior and senior years. … Continue reading Do as I say, not as I do – senior advice on my freshman mistakes

Summer Reflection Series: Morgan Brenner

PR Lessons while Waitressing By: Morgan Brenner @morganbren After getting through my first year as a full time college student, I decided to hold off on the stress of searching for an internship and find a job for the summer. I ended up being hired at a family owned restaurant as a server. At first it seemed like a total opposite experience from anything I could be learning about public relations in an internship. However, by the end of the summer I had more confidence in the field I was going into than ever. Into the first few weeks of … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Morgan Brenner

Summer Reflection Series: Lindsey Zimmerman

The Tale of Two Internships By: Lindsey Zimmerman @lindseyzim716 This summer, I had the unique experience of working not just one, but two communications internships. I worked full-time as a corporate communications intern at Battelle, a research and development company in my hometown of Columbus, and I also had a virtual social media internship with a site called College Tourist. Although managing two internships was not without its challenges, I learned so much about two very different industries and about communications as a whole throughout the summer. I’ll admit that I was a little bit hesitant going into my internship … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Lindsey Zimmerman

Is Having Two Part-Time Internships Good or Bad?

By: Elaine Carey @snakesona_laine As far as dilemmas go, having two part-time internships to choose between is not too shabby. In fact, congrats! Whether one or both are virtual, or they’re both part-time and in the same city, you might not have to choose just one. It’s not an uncommon scenario: You applied to plenty of internships, you went to a bunch of interviews and you worked your butt off! And great news – two of your top choices want you to work for them. Not readily willing to sacrifice one of those opportunities? Maybe you can do both, but … Continue reading Is Having Two Part-Time Internships Good or Bad?

Tips to Working Remotely

More people now see working remotely as a positive and rewarding way to complete work. A typical misconception is that employees will goof off without supervision. However, in my experiences I have found that working remotely increases productivity because it eliminates office distractions. During the past two years, I had the opportunity to work for my father’s company, Yerecic Label, remotely from Athens. In this time, I have made many mistakes and learned how to work at my full potential remotely. Here are my six tips to being a great remote worker  Make sure you are passionate about your job. The … Continue reading Tips to Working Remotely

3 Ways to Deal With Long Work Hours

I’ve always been “weird” about time. Despite my implied lack of math skills as a lover of journalism and art, I still wake up during the night and am able to quickly calculate how much time I have left to sleep. I spend time worrying about the time I’ve spent on assignments or whether I’m prioritizing tasks correctly. When traveling, I rush to leave exactly on the hour, packing my belongings hastily and then rarely making any stops in order to get to my destination at exactly the time that Google Maps calculated. Luckily, last summer’s internship with the Ohio … Continue reading 3 Ways to Deal With Long Work Hours

3 Ways to Survive Freshman Year

Whether you were the star athlete, book worm or shy one in high school, it doesn’t matter anymore. You are in college with new people in a different environment, which gives everyone a fresh start. This is the first time that YOU are in charge of your own life. Your parents will not be contacted for any of the mistakes that you make, it is all on you. With the new academic year (already) upon us it’s nice to have a few tips on making your freshmen year a GREAT one. These three tips are ones that will give you … Continue reading 3 Ways to Survive Freshman Year

Effective time management as a college student

By Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                      Associate, ImPRessions Account If there was one thing every college student wanted more of, it would be time. Juggling school work, extracurricular activities, a social life and perhaps a job can be overwhelming and stressful. With the help of a little technique called time management every college student can rest peacefully at night. As a freshman wrapping up my first quarter of college, my time management skills helped me succeed. My first quarter as a Bobcat was stressful, exciting and rewarding. The time management skills I acquired in high school allowed for a smooth transition to college … Continue reading Effective time management as a college student