Why Podcasts are Making a Comeback

By: Allison Zullo, @allisonzullo When it comes to keeping up with the latest news and entertainment trends, PR pros tend to turn to the old reliables: Twitter, Netflix, iPhone news apps, etc. But, what about something “new,” like podcasts? Podcasts are essentially episodes of radio shows that you can download and listen to. They have soared in popularity thanks to the craze that was created by the podcast “Serial”, late last year. “Serial” followed reporter Sarah Koenig (who also narrated the podcast) as she investigated and attempted to unravel the murder of Hae Min Lee, a Maryland high school senior. Her … Continue reading Why Podcasts are Making a Comeback

Making us PRoud: Why Public Relations isn’t Evil

By: Sydney Gardner @sydneygardner We know the looks. We know the stereotypes. Public relations professionals and students are not unfamiliar to fact that they are not everyone’s’ #1 fan. We’ve heard it all before. We’re greedy, we lie and cheat, and we cover up the truth and sensationalize the lies.  However, the field of public relations should not be blindly bashed. Public relations’ good effects can be seen all over from the smallest local campaigns to large international promotions. Within the last decade a large part of PR has been focused on social media, and for good reason. Social media … Continue reading Making us PRoud: Why Public Relations isn’t Evil

Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

By: Becca Zook @BeccaZook If you ask the average person whether they know the difference between Public Relations and Media Relations, chances are they don’t. However, if you ask any communications professional they will tell you that media relations cannot be used interchangeably with public relations. Public relations involves connecting and creating a relationship between various publics and your organization/business. This means managing communication between consumers, charities, investors, industries, as well as the media. Media relations is a specialized part of public relations, that focuses on getting as much positive coverage for your organization/business as possible. This involves creating a working … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

The Origins of PR

By: Amanda Moline @mandamoline For many of us in ImPRessions and PRSSA here at Ohio University, PR is life. If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, #PRlove is the hashtag that has appeared on most of our Twitter feeds and bios at some point in time. We live, breathe and tweet PR, but where exactly did it originate? In 2,200 B.C.E., an Egyptian pharaoh had an advisor that acted as a medium between the pharaoh and the people, providing truthful facts and communicating with the pharaoh’s people on his behalf. Even back in Ancient Greece, they had a word for … Continue reading The Origins of PR

All You Need is a Little Facebook Love

By: Austin Ambrose @tex_ambrose7 Facebook has more than one billion users. That’s one billion people ready to criticize something that is not in compliance with their views. As PR professionals, it is crucial to take this criticism gracefully, and know how to handle a potentially harmful situation. Contrary to our initial instincts, never, ever try and refute any bad publicity. Firstly, you would be igniting a fire in the person who commented. Secondly, based on associative network theories and principles, refuting a bad rumor or post will actually make people believe it more. Yes, Facebook is a platform with a … Continue reading All You Need is a Little Facebook Love

Putting the Personal in Personal Branding

By: Megan Newton @_megannewton    Brand (n): kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark. In public relations, everything is branded. We are constantly brainstorming new tactics and strategies to further strengthen our client’s brand and image. However, in today’s communication industry, branding goes so much farther than just tweets and slogans. Branding has become personal. Personal branding is a huge up and coming trend for PR professionals. It allows us to create a memorable presence that represents both our professional and personal qualities. The question presented here though, is how do we create a brand that represents us as a person and not an object? The … Continue reading Putting the Personal in Personal Branding

Keeping Ethics in Mind

Unlike some professions, we as journalists/communicators do not have to be certified in any way to work. This is a gift and a curse for us. We don’t have anyone telling us what is right or wrong, instead we have to form our own ethical code alone. Fortunately there are organizations that help us out, but the ethical codes are either general or vary from company to company. We need to be aware of our ethics, and know when we have gone too far and crossed that invisible boundary. Unlike news and information journalism, PR professionals have to work with … Continue reading Keeping Ethics in Mind