The Little Actions Matter

By: Katie Speice, @katiespeice Networking can be a daunting, dreaded aspect of public relations if one isn’t wired to love the flirty thrill of face-to-face communication. It is inevitable that a public relations professional is going to experience hand to hand, face to face, good, old-fashioned networking at some point in his or her career. However, increasing relationships on social media, and frequent online business, has left aspiring young professionals with sweaty handshakes and quivering voices when networking. I’ve scoured my favorite etiquette guides and tapped into the psyche of seasoned network pros to gather some tips and tricks of the trade. … Continue reading The Little Actions Matter

Networking Trips 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

By: Morgan Borer, @MorganBorer This weekend, I traveled to the city that’s just as famous for its deep-dish pizza and hot dog stands, as it is for the Sears Tower: Chicago. I arrived at the Felix Hotel late Thursday evening with four other members of PRSSA, tired and weary-eyed from the exhaustive drive. I quickly unpacked my bags, located my planner and itinerary and hopped into bed. I was eager for a full day of networking with Scripps PRSSA. I have traveled to Chicago a few times prior to this weekend, but I found myself unprepared for this networking trip. For … Continue reading Networking Trips 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

Myth-Busting: Introverts in PR

By: Emily Barber, @emilybarbershop The stereotypical image that comes to mind when picturing a public relations professionals is someone who is loud, outgoing, talkative and extremely social; a.k.a. an extrovert. While many people in PR fit this description, there’s also another group that doesn’t fit the same mold – introverts. According to Introvert Retreat, about half of the population is introverted, so some of them are bond to make their way into PR. This means that these individuals enjoy spending time alone to recharge and relax. Despite these inward tendencies, introverts can still be successful in PR, and here are a … Continue reading Myth-Busting: Introverts in PR

Do as I say, not as I do – senior advice on my freshman mistakes

By: Logan Trautman, @logantrautman It could be the fact that the final semester of my final year at OHIO is quickly coming to a close, but recently I’ve been reflecting back on the last four years. As I try to plan my post-grad life, when I’m not hyperventilating, I catch myself thinking what I would have done differently in the years leading up to these final months to better prepare myself for what lies ahead. Internships are not for upperclassmen only I have held three internships since being in college; all three took place within my junior and senior years. … Continue reading Do as I say, not as I do – senior advice on my freshman mistakes

The Importance of Staying in Touch

By: Jessica Carnprobst, @jess_carnprobst As you begin making connections, it’s extremely important to keep them. This summer, I interned with WordWrite Communications, a boutique PR agency in Pittsburgh, and because I stayed in touch and on their radar, they asked me to come back over Christmas break. As I was leaving last Friday, they all asked me to stay in touch. So as I logged out of my work computer and walked out of their office for the last time, I thought of all the reasons I really wanted to do so. First and foremost, I enjoyed my time with them, … Continue reading The Importance of Staying in Touch

A Graduating Senior’s Advice to New ImPRessions Members

By: Kerry Tuttle, @kerrtut The fact that I’m even writing this post is insane to me. I joined ImPRessions at the beginning of winter quarter (RIP quarter system) my freshman year. That was three years ago. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned since then, and why joining ImPRessions is one of the smartest choices you can make for your future career. Our 13 clients span various industries, and we are one of the largest firms nationally. Although we are student-run, our leadership is some of the best of any organization on campus. From the administration to our associates, and everyone in … Continue reading A Graduating Senior’s Advice to New ImPRessions Members

National Conference: It’s More than Just a Trip

By: Jess Carnprobst @jess_carnprobst Last week, I attended my second PRSSA National Conference in Washington DC. Last year I attended PRSSANC in Philadelphia, and I’ve also been to two PRSSA Regional Conferences, making this fourth conference overall. With these experiences under my belt, I have countless notes in my notebook, new connections on social media and new career ideas in my head. Most importantly, after each conference I learn something new about myself. These are the biggest reasons I believe every college student should attend at least one national conference. Make your connections personal  I know how important it is … Continue reading National Conference: It’s More than Just a Trip

Summer Reflection Series: Logan Trautman

By: Logan Trautman @logantrautman An internship is not only supposed to help you gain knowledge and experience, but guide you to figure out what the heck it is that you are meant to do after graduation. This is a somewhat terrifying thought considering there are so many available opportunities, but you are left to choose only one. So as spring semester rolled around last school year, and the internship hunt was in full swing, I found myself not only asking the typical questions of each opportunity – Is this paid? How many hours will I work? Will I be retrieving … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Logan Trautman

Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard LinkedIn is a great social platform that every student and professional should take advantage of. Not only is it great for connecting with other professionals, but it could also help you land a job. There are plenty of scenarios that you could use LinkedIn for as your go-to job-search guide. You are looking for an internship or job in a specific industry, but you don’t exactly know which company you would like to work for. Do your research. Find big, medium and small agencies, corporations or organizations. Once you have found a few that spark your … Continue reading Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

How to be Nice to Reporters

By: Kate Schroeder @kschroeds7 It’s not a secret that journalists and public relations professionals tend to have a rocky relationship. Historically, both sides have held some preconceived stereotypes. One side believes those pesky PR people are trying to manipulate the news story and hide the facts. On the other side, those righteous journalists are always seeking a dramatic headline. One is the cat and the other is the dog. Each party is always trying to have the upper hand. However, both need each other to be successful. Media relations is so important to a successful public relations firm – as … Continue reading How to be Nice to Reporters