Networking Trips 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

By: Morgan Borer, @MorganBorer This weekend, I traveled to the city that’s just as famous for its deep-dish pizza and hot dog stands, as it is for the Sears Tower: Chicago. I arrived at the Felix Hotel late Thursday evening with four other members of PRSSA, tired and weary-eyed from the exhaustive drive. I quickly unpacked my bags, located my planner and itinerary and hopped into bed. I was eager for a full day of networking with Scripps PRSSA. I have traveled to Chicago a few times prior to this weekend, but I found myself unprepared for this networking trip. For … Continue reading Networking Trips 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

Five Most Underused Social Media Tools

By: Gentry Bennett, @Gen_andTonic With so many social media sites these days, it can be hard to learn the ends and outs of all of them. There are some hidden tools and features that can extremely help improve your experience. Without further ado, here are the five most underused social media tools… 1. Mute on Twitter, Unfollow on Facebook Whether it’s your uncle on Facebook that likes to share his political views, or that one professor on Twitter that tweets at least once an hour, sometimes your feed needs a little “spring cleaning.” The mute and unfollow options on Twitter and … Continue reading Five Most Underused Social Media Tools

Resolve to Be Involved – 5 Resolutions to make 2015 Your Best PR Year

By: Sarah Rachul, @SarahMRachul I have always loved the new year. It’s a clean slate, a whole new year to accomplish everything you couldn’t in the previous year. Generally, our resolutions consist of new diet plans, new workouts, relationship changes or even attitude changes. But how many people make resolutions about their job? The following is a list of the top 5 resolutions every rising PR pro should make in 2015. Attend a Public Relations Conference There are so many amazing PR conferences that occur every year, and they are the perfect opportunity to learn from some of the best pros … Continue reading Resolve to Be Involved – 5 Resolutions to make 2015 Your Best PR Year

5 Social Media Tips to Begin 2015

By: Austin Ambrose, @tex_ambrose7 Starting a new year allows for the chance to start fresh, and there is no reason this shouldn’t apply to your social media life too. Now is a perfect time to rethink your media strategy, and make some changes for the year ahead. With a little time and effort, you can have a completely revamped and improved plan for 2015. Evan Lepage, a blogger for Hootsuite, discussed five tips for social media renovations. Taking from Lepage’s discussion, I’ll add some personal experiences of my own to bring the discussion closer to home. 1. Declutter and Drop the … Continue reading 5 Social Media Tips to Begin 2015

9 Ways to Put an End to Your Boredom Over Winter Break

By: Elizabeth Harris @elizharris32 Students generally cannot wait to get home for winter break. It gives us time to relax after a stressful semester of schoolwork. The first week or so is usually full of holiday shopping, catching up with hometown friends and binge watching Netflix. However, by the time the last two weeks of break roll around, the boredom usually sets in. The phrases “I just cannot wait to get back to school,” “There’s nothing to do here,” “I miss my college friends” “I’m sick of sitting around doing nothing,” are spoken amongst many college students. Well, for those students … Continue reading 9 Ways to Put an End to Your Boredom Over Winter Break

Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard LinkedIn is a great social platform that every student and professional should take advantage of. Not only is it great for connecting with other professionals, but it could also help you land a job. There are plenty of scenarios that you could use LinkedIn for as your go-to job-search guide. You are looking for an internship or job in a specific industry, but you don’t exactly know which company you would like to work for. Do your research. Find big, medium and small agencies, corporations or organizations. Once you have found a few that spark your … Continue reading Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

How to Connect With Someone You Don’t Know, but Want to

By: Sydney Gardner @sydneygardner “It’s all about who you know.” It’s been said time and time again. To a PR student, connecting with professionals can often appear too intimidating to even try, but have no fear! Social media is a great way to connect with professionals in a less stressful environment! Taking a few easy steps will allow you to not only connect with someone you don’t’ know, but probably impress them along the way as well. Know Their Work Professionals may be flattered at you fan-girling over how pretty their office is, or who their clients are, but nothing … Continue reading How to Connect With Someone You Don’t Know, but Want to

Best Practices For Your LinkedIn Summary

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard As we all know, first impressions are important. A LinkedIn summary can make or break you by determining the first impression you give potential employers who are visiting your profile. In order to create the first impression that you want, consider these five steps: Be authentic. While writing your LinkedIn summary, be sure that your personal story shows through. This is your opportunity to be creative and define yourself the way you want. What makes you stand out? What are you an expert at? What are you proud of? These are questions that should be answered in … Continue reading Best Practices For Your LinkedIn Summary

Social Media Trends 2014

By: Angela Keane @angela_keane “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” This quote definitely applies to your social media strategy. With social media rapidly evolving, you need to keep up with your competitive edge and that means staying ahead of the game. Know where social media is going and how to stay on top of it. Here are the social media trends for 2014. Social Media is a Necessity. People may not realize it yet but social media is now a crucial marketing necessity. The emergence of social networks over the … Continue reading Social Media Trends 2014

The Professional Headshot: Displaying Professionalism

By: Allison Evans @Allison_Evans When students are states away from companies they dream of working for, online networking is key. A first impression is made with a quick glance at a profile with eyes searching for a visual item, i.e. your headshot. The use of an unprofessional picture, or a “selfie” is a common mistake made by students. When networking online, it is the equivalent to wearing jeans to a networking event. With the increasing competitiveness in the industry, mistakes on your own profile can affect your employment status. Professionals look to hire students who value professionalism and are ready … Continue reading The Professional Headshot: Displaying Professionalism