6 Reasons Journalists Make the Best Boyfriends/Girlfriends

By: Rachel Hartwick, @rachel_hartwick We, as journalists, know that our doctor and engineering friends are going to make much more money in the long run. However, we’re passionate about what we do; our work would suffer if we weren’t. And, according to Psychology Today, the average IQ of a journalist is in the 137 to 160 range. That translates into the top 1 percent to .01 percent, which is on the same intelligence level as lawyers, engineers, and computer science professors. Basically, journalists are a real catch, and there are many attributes that we take out of our career and can … Continue reading 6 Reasons Journalists Make the Best Boyfriends/Girlfriends

How to Make a Media List Without Cision

By: Marisa Fiore @MarisaFiore1 So you have already made a media list that identifies the campaign’s objective and the audience you want to reach. What’s next? Here are three ways to enhance your media list without using Cision. Research beginning with the end. What do you want your end goal to be? Decide what the steps you need to take to meet your goal. Once you have figured out where/how you want the message shared, go after the outlets that will get you to that exact goal. Use social media. Most journalists have Twitter accounts these days, and they usually … Continue reading How to Make a Media List Without Cision

Are Bloggers really Journalists?

Addressing the issues of journalism and blogging can be quite tricky. The negative connotations lent to citizen journalism make it hard for bloggers to be taken seriously. However, many blogs are run by renowned journalists and apply the tools of the trade learned in journalism schools across the country. So to answer the question if bloggers are journalists: yes… and no. It all depends on your answer of what a journalist really is. Why all bloggers are journalists If a journalist is simply someone that writes, every blogger is a journalist. Blogs are written; therefore the bloggers that write them … Continue reading Are Bloggers really Journalists?

5 Challenges of Switching a Major into the Journalism School

Switching your major in college is one thing, but switching into the prestigious E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is another story.  Personally, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in coming into college, so I scanned through the majors offered at Ohio University as I was applying.  By the time I got my acceptance letter, I had forgotten what I even chose to major in.  As I’m going into my sophomore year, I’m about to apply to the J-School for spring semester. I imagine many other students are in the same boat, and probably facing the same challenges as … Continue reading 5 Challenges of Switching a Major into the Journalism School

Should You Switch Journalism Tracks?

Entering my freshman year at Ohio University, I wanted to be a journalist. To me, being a journalist meant working for a newspaper or magazine in New York City and writing every day for the rest of my career. This seemed exciting, but little did I know that this was only the very beginning of where journalism could take me. I’ve always enjoyed exploring and trying new things, so I signed up for plenty of clubs outside of print journalism. One of those clubs was PRSSA. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t really understand what public relations consisted … Continue reading Should You Switch Journalism Tracks?

A Bag Full of Tricks in Leipzig, Germany

This summer I had the great opportunity to further my journalism education across the pond in Leipzig, Germany. Myself, along with thirteen other J-School classmates, traveled thousands of miles to gain a better perspective of international journalism at the University of Leipzig. I have never had a burning passion to become an international journalist, but was curious how the other side of the world did this journalism thing. During my four weeks abroad, I explored Germany while writing articles, blogs and edited and broadcasted a radio piece. By the end of those four weeks, I gained an immense appreciation for … Continue reading A Bag Full of Tricks in Leipzig, Germany

5 Tips for Creating an Event

By: Morgan Blank Being in Public Relations it is inevitable that we will be planning and putting on events.  The biggest trouble most people have with creating an event is how to make it unforgettable and stand out.  Here are five tips to help plan your event and keep all of your bases covered.  1. The tip most PR superstars would give it to plan early.  Making a timeline and starting early can help fix problems you may run into later in the event planning process.    2. Another tip that will help create a lasting impression is to pick a theme and keep … Continue reading 5 Tips for Creating an Event

Beyond the Basics Regional Conference: A once-in-a-college-career opportunity

By: Marisa Dockum  Beyond the Basics, brought to you by Scripps PRSSA, is a Regional Conference that will unite motivating speakers with ambitious students to learn, network and discuss the latest industry trends. Regional Conferences are designed for PRSSA Chapters and industry related students to learn about public relations, the communications industry, career development and social media.  This event is a great tool for those who may not be able to attend national events, such as National Conference or National Assembly.  Taking place on March 16, 2013, Beyond the Basics has planned a jam-packed day of awe-inspiring speakers and break … Continue reading Beyond the Basics Regional Conference: A once-in-a-college-career opportunity

Madonna Pushes Instagram Over the ‘Borderline’

By: Kiley Landusky PR Daily recently posted an article on Instagram’s action toward Madonna’s racy pictures posted on its site. In an effort to tame her wild side it created more attention to the star’s account including her flagrant photographs. Madonna posted a screen shot of the email she received from Instagram on its own site. The email told Madonna that her account had violated Instagram’s community guidelines. This generated over 9,000 likes and unleashed over 2,000 comments criticizing how the site handled the situation. A few of the comments read: “Instagram people….really?” “Stupid @instagram,” and “and Rihanna’s photos are … Continue reading Madonna Pushes Instagram Over the ‘Borderline’