Why It’s Important for PR Professionals to Have Confidence

By: Jennica Lurie, @jennicalurie People have been telling us that “confidence is key,” since we were kids. As cliché as this phrase may be, it can be applied to every aspect of our lives, whether it is for social or professional purposes. Once we hit middle school, we realized that being socially confident was the only way we were going to survive. And now, here we are, making our way into the professional world, as we continue to be told, “confidence is key,” but don’t just write it off. The Application Process As public relations professionals, in order to be … Continue reading Why It’s Important for PR Professionals to Have Confidence

Should I add Personality into my Resume?

By: Kate Schroeder @kschroeds7 Resume building and writing cover letters has to be the most daunting and dreadfully boring tasks of the job or internship search process. Personally, I would rather sit in an extra hour of interviews than to summarize my skills on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. However, this process still stands as one of the most important in the application process. I admit I am not an expert; I still reference my how to guides and our awesome ImPRessions blog for hints and tips. Nevertheless, using the cut-and-dry formats and the basic structures I … Continue reading Should I add Personality into my Resume?

Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

By: Morgan Peterson @mopeeeezy When trying to land the perfect dream job, it’s important to find a way to stand out to the employer. Sure you might have a perfect resume and transcript, but you are a dime a dozen to some employers. If you don’t get the opportunity to get an interview, a personal website is one of the best ways to stand out from other candidates. Showcase Your Work With a personal website, you can market yourself and your work, however you want to. By creating this website you have an exclusive space of your best work. It’s … Continue reading Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

The Do’s and Don’ts of Following Up

By: Allison Evans @Allison__Evans No matter how smoothly an interview goes, it helps your cause to follow-up with your potential employer. It shows that you are determined, thoughtful, professional and interested. However, at what point does following up become annoying or a burden to employers? Here are tips for polite follow-ups: DON’T call them. Email! Interviewers are on the phone much of their day with clients and other team members, and getting bogged down with calls is not what they like. Email is a medium that is checked frequently, but doesn’t necessarily require an immediate response. This also allows you … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Following Up

How to Connect With Someone You Don’t Know, but Want to

By: Sydney Gardner @sydneygardner “It’s all about who you know.” It’s been said time and time again. To a PR student, connecting with professionals can often appear too intimidating to even try, but have no fear! Social media is a great way to connect with professionals in a less stressful environment! Taking a few easy steps will allow you to not only connect with someone you don’t’ know, but probably impress them along the way as well. Know Their Work Professionals may be flattered at you fan-girling over how pretty their office is, or who their clients are, but nothing … Continue reading How to Connect With Someone You Don’t Know, but Want to

Using A Cover Letter to Stand Out from the Crowd

By: Austin Ambrose @tex_ambrose7 Most applications ask you for three pieces: a resume, work samples and a cover letter. Each piece plays an essential part in the selection process. Resumes are important but also very basic. A resume just gives the people hiring a chance to ensure you are qualified for the position. Work samples show your skills. However, there are plenty of people capable of doing those same skills as you. How are you supposed to stand out from the rest of the pool? The answer is your cover letter. Cover letters give you a chance to explain how … Continue reading Using A Cover Letter to Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Diversify your PR Experience

By: Gentry Bennett @Gen__AndTonic Feel like your resume falls flat compared to your peers? Don’t fret! There’s always time to diversify your PR experience. There is many ways to get experience in all aspects of PR while still pursuing your passions. 1. Try out every segment of PR Public relations is needed in every sector of the world, from nonprofit to corporate. Trying your hand at every segment will diversify your PR experience, and allow you to investigate the direction of your career. Try looking in to internships with nonprofits, agencies, corporations, B2B firms and more. 2. Work for a … Continue reading How to Diversify your PR Experience

A Lesson On Making Interviews Less Scary

By: Kelly Hayes @kmshayes You’re sitting in the hallway waiting for your name to be called, your palms are sweating and going over every little detail of your job experience in your mind. Finally the receptionist tells you, you can go into the conference room. You shake your interviewer’s hand and sit down. There’s a little small talk, the interviewer goes over your resume and any other application materials, they ask you questions in between and then you ask some questions. Finally the interview is over, and all you can think is, “thank goodness that’s over!” Although, it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading A Lesson On Making Interviews Less Scary

Creating Your Resume on Microsoft Word vs. Adobe InDesign

By: Jess Carnprobst @jess_carnprobst The first place we all start when creating our resume is deciding where we want to create the document. Two of the most popular ways to create your resume are through Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. Both options have very different benefits making it a hard decision of which to choose. I’ve made a list of the pros and cons that I see to both Word and InDesign, having created a resume on both. Microsoft Word Pros A variety of templates to choose from Easy (and quick) to create Information is already set into categories (this … Continue reading Creating Your Resume on Microsoft Word vs. Adobe InDesign

Leave behind to get ahead

By: Allison Evans @Allison__Evans The interview process across the job market varies dramatically. Some interviews last 20 minutes, while others last a few hours with several follow-ups. No matter the format, it is important to prepare a “leave behind,” or compiled samples of your work and other documents showcasing your abilities. As the name suggests, leave behinds are for your interviewers to keep after your interview concludes. This not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also gives your interviewer an opportunity to gauge where you are on your professional journey. If given a leave behind, interviewers can show … Continue reading Leave behind to get ahead