Summer Interning: What can I expect?

By: CJ Riggs, @carla_riggs For anyone who has never interned before (like myself), you have NO clue what to expect, what you will be asked to do or how to come across as intelligent and knowledgeable. From professional tips, to the sticky situations, I am going to lay it all out for you. First Nail-Biting Part of Summer Internships: Sending Millions of Applications Once you decide you’re going to apply to your favorite company, keep in mind that each company looks for something unique. Sending a copy and past resume probably won’t appeal to the directors. Be sure to customize your … Continue reading Summer Interning: What can I expect?

There’s No ‘I’ in Team

By: Allison Evans, @Allison_Evans We all love that public relations can take us down many avenues, and that no two resumes are the same. However, no matter which workplace you choose, you will have to be a team player. I’ve had so many valuable experiences to teach me what that means, and how far you may need to go for the people we respect and care for. Team Client The internship I took on as a freshman taught me that clients value humility and service in their representatives. I advocated for people with developmental disabilities, in the form of marketing … Continue reading There’s No ‘I’ in Team

A Guide to Kick Starting Your Internship Search

By: Emily Barber, @emilybarbershop It’s that time of year again, and the smell of internship applications is in the air. While you may have an idea of what you want to do this spring or summer, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. Anyone would feel overwhelmed after entering “public relations internship” into Google and seeing thousands of results. Not to worry, young grasshopper! Take a deep breath and check out these sites to find your perfect internship. 1. Career Sushi This website is great for people looking to travel for an internship. With opportunities in California, New York, … Continue reading A Guide to Kick Starting Your Internship Search

Why I Will Always Apply for my Dream Internship

By: Erica Stonehill, @estonehill13 When it’s time to start applying for internships, it’s important to try and experience every possible route in the PR world: corporate, agency, non-profit, etc. It’s very common that your first internship will be at a firm, close to home. You’re aiming to get your feet wet and learn the ins and outs of the business. That being said, you should always shoot for the stars, and apply for your dream position, whatever that may be at the time. We hear too many stories from working adults about the horrors of nine to five jobs and getting … Continue reading Why I Will Always Apply for my Dream Internship

9 Ways to Put an End to Your Boredom Over Winter Break

By: Elizabeth Harris @elizharris32 Students generally cannot wait to get home for winter break. It gives us time to relax after a stressful semester of schoolwork. The first week or so is usually full of holiday shopping, catching up with hometown friends and binge watching Netflix. However, by the time the last two weeks of break roll around, the boredom usually sets in. The phrases “I just cannot wait to get back to school,” “There’s nothing to do here,” “I miss my college friends” “I’m sick of sitting around doing nothing,” are spoken amongst many college students. Well, for those students … Continue reading 9 Ways to Put an End to Your Boredom Over Winter Break

Summer Reflection Series: Erin Golden

By: Erin Golden @erinngolden This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at MediaSource in Columbus, Ohio. I was one of two Media Relations interns that received credit for a 10-week internship – and I truly believe that an internship experience is a must-do for anyone wanting to work in this fast-paced field. When you complete an internship, the usual thought process then leads to: what exactly did I learn? So here are a few things I learned about the world of media relations. I don’t want to work solely in media relations. I think this part is extremely necessary … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Erin Golden

Should I add Personality into my Resume?

By: Kate Schroeder @kschroeds7 Resume building and writing cover letters has to be the most daunting and dreadfully boring tasks of the job or internship search process. Personally, I would rather sit in an extra hour of interviews than to summarize my skills on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. However, this process still stands as one of the most important in the application process. I admit I am not an expert; I still reference my how to guides and our awesome ImPRessions blog for hints and tips. Nevertheless, using the cut-and-dry formats and the basic structures I … Continue reading Should I add Personality into my Resume?

Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

By: Morgan Peterson @mopeeeezy When trying to land the perfect dream job, it’s important to find a way to stand out to the employer. Sure you might have a perfect resume and transcript, but you are a dime a dozen to some employers. If you don’t get the opportunity to get an interview, a personal website is one of the best ways to stand out from other candidates. Showcase Your Work With a personal website, you can market yourself and your work, however you want to. By creating this website you have an exclusive space of your best work. It’s … Continue reading Why a Personal Blog/Website looks Good on a Resume

Flaunt What You’ve Got: Keeping an Online Portfolio

By: Lindsey Zimmerman @lindseyzim716 Any time you go through the tedious-yet-rewarding process of applying for internships and jobs, it’s almost a given that you’ll be asked to provide a writing sample at some point. A solid example of excellent writing can really put you ahead of the game as more and more PR industry employers are looking for candidates who really have a way with words. With that being said, it’s not always easy to pick out just one or two pieces of writing to showcase, especially if you’re like me and you’ve been writing for a wide variety of … Continue reading Flaunt What You’ve Got: Keeping an Online Portfolio

Increasing Facebook Engagement One Step at a Time

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard Before starting my internship this summer, I thought I knew pretty much everything I needed to know about social media, including Facebook, but I was wrong. Throughout the past two months, I have learned a lot about this social channel and what works for increasing engagement. Pay to play. Facebook’s organic reach has declined. Less and less people are seeing posts that you work hard to create, which means less people are engaging. Unfortunately, if you want to increase engagement, you will have to pay to boost your posts. Personally, I don’t think boosting every post … Continue reading Increasing Facebook Engagement One Step at a Time