The Best Things Fall Brings

By: Jennica Lurie @JennicaLurie The transition from summer into the school year is hard for many, but with fall coming in like a wrecking ball, the idea of hot apple cider, #HallOUween and cuddling by the fireplace sedates the mind. While summer is great because of our freedom from the dozens of obligations that the school year brings, fall is in a category of its own. It’s a time to learn and grow without feeling overwhelmed by not having enough time to boost your grade in that one class, or rushing to finish the cover letter for that dream summer … Continue reading The Best Things Fall Brings

Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard LinkedIn is a great social platform that every student and professional should take advantage of. Not only is it great for connecting with other professionals, but it could also help you land a job. There are plenty of scenarios that you could use LinkedIn for as your go-to job-search guide. You are looking for an internship or job in a specific industry, but you don’t exactly know which company you would like to work for. Do your research. Find big, medium and small agencies, corporations or organizations. Once you have found a few that spark your … Continue reading Using LinkedIn to find an internship or job

Resources for Your Intern Search

By: Kate Schroeder @kschroeds7 Internship searching. One of the most dreaded college experiences, yet the most rewarding one. There are so many questions to ask and so many options to consider. What city do you want to work in? Will you take an unpaid internship? Do you want to intern for a semester or over the summer? Finding the perfect internship to enhance your career experience doesn’t have to seem so daunting. By using these resources you are sure to find the best internship opportunities for you! Get online! There are so many great resources right at your finger tips. … Continue reading Resources for Your Intern Search

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – How to request a Letter of Recommendation the Right Way

Ah internship season, perhaps not quite as popular as the Ohio University fest season, but much more important. With many internship and even scholarship applications comes the requirement for at least one letter of recommendation. Now I know how a daunting a task this can be. Who do I ask? Will they say no? How many letters can I ask for? These are all valid questions that will swarm into your mind once you start the process. However, I think I can provide some tips that will help simplify the process when asking for letters of recommendation. Know how many … Continue reading Ask and Ye Shall Receive – How to request a Letter of Recommendation the Right Way