Dealing with THAT Group Member

As summer dwindles to a close and thank you cards are left on internship coordinators desks, you’re probably reflecting on the internship experience you had, the portfolio work you gained and challenges faced. One thing is for sure; the people we worked with always leave a lasting impact – good or bad. At times co-workers can feel like the most difficult part of the job.  Every job environment presents the opportunity to work with a “flip-flopper,” “avoider,” or “know-it all.” When tumultuous situations arrive it can be tough finding the best solution. Here are some “what if” situations: What if … Continue reading Dealing with THAT Group Member

Following the Do’s and Don’ts for Exiting Your Internship

You searched for hours for the perfect company. You practiced weeks in advance for every behavioral interview question in the book. You compiled the perfect resume and portfolio, and you landed the internship. As summer comes to a close you’ve probably had some amazing learning experiences and gained professional knowledge that only an internship can provide, but the work isn’t over yet. How you leave your internship is just as important as how you acquire it. PR students know it better than anyone, maintaining connections are everything. Remember these vital do’s and don’ts as you leave this summer’s internship. Do’s … Continue reading Following the Do’s and Don’ts for Exiting Your Internship

Paid Fall PR Internship in NYC

Current is a consumer public relations agency based in New York City and is looking for a PR intern for fall 2013. Heather Bartman, former CEO of ImPRessions and recent Ohio University graduate, interned with Current summer 2012. Details of the internship are included below. Please contact Heather Bartman if interested at Current: We are looking for enthusiastic, self-starters who are good multi-taskers and are organized. It is a very hands-on role where you will be integral to the team and be given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of PR. Core tasks include writing, researching, event … Continue reading Paid Fall PR Internship in NYC

An Intern’s Worst Nightmare: Recovering From a Mistake

It was a Wednesday morning on a cold winter day. I started my day like all the rest – Starbucks latté in hand while saying hello to my co-workers as I walked to my designated cube. I sat down in my chair, logged into my computer and opened my email. There it was – an email from my boss – subject: “Let’s re-release and discuss.” My uncontrollable nervous swallowing immediately kicked in followed by a cold sweat as my eyes focused in on the red “high importance” explanation point symbol. F*#!%! I thought as I reached for my mouse with … Continue reading An Intern’s Worst Nightmare: Recovering From a Mistake

My Unforeseen First Week as an Intern

This summer, I started my first internship at Think Communications, Inc. in Pittsburgh and was extremely excited, yet nervous, to embark on this new adventure. I was ready to learn and improve; however, I did not foresee the difficulties that were bound to happen. After I got to work on my first day, I started to meet everyone one by one. One of the last people I met pointed out that I had a leaf in my hair. I’m sure I greeted everyone else that morning, including my boss, with a giant leaf on my head. Talk about embarrassing; what … Continue reading My Unforeseen First Week as an Intern

A Day in the Life: PR Intern

This is the second post of a three-part series detailing the daily life of a public relations professional, intern and student. Name: Ashley Osborne Company: The Original RICH Girls Inc., Brooklyn Bodega (Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival) and Marie Theodore (special events intern) Location: New York City, NY Hourly Snapshot 8 AM: Wake up. Eat breakfast. Do a quick workout. Shower. 9 AM: Do computer work which includes phone calls, emails, researching venues, contacts, organizations and companies for partnership/sponsorship, etc. Build media lists, create press releases for an event, or attend meetings with Seto McCoy for The ORG Inc. 3 PM: Finish up … Continue reading A Day in the Life: PR Intern

How To Network Using Social Media

Marisa Dockum LinkedIn and Twitter serve as better networking tools than you might think.  The power of networking is endless, especially now with easy access to professionals via Twitter and LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to improve your online visibility and build a network: Never send a generic LinkedIn connection invite.  In order to stand out and make things personal, you must take the time to write a nice blurb on how you know them or explain why you would like to connect with them. Clean up your Twitter account to make sure it is appropriate before you begin … Continue reading How To Network Using Social Media

Embracing the red pen

Rachel Csaszar Account executive, Bob Evans Farms, Inc. We all know that moment when it seems like your life is over, everything you thought you knew is worthless, and the thought of “Who am I fooling?” crosses your mind as you get your printed work returned with a little more than it left with. The page covered with your beautiful words has been splattered with red, like a fur advocate after a run-in with PETA. You’ve been edited. It’s hard to accept defeat, especially on your first day at a new internship and, for some, your first day in the … Continue reading Embracing the red pen