5 Clothing Companies Killin’ the Instagram Game

By: Ayla Apitsch, @AylaApit These fashion accounts are becoming noticed through their strong Insta presence. Each account takes a slightly different approach, but all are still succeeding. 1. @FreePeople The perfect combination of nature, clothing inspiration and good vibes.  They value simplicity in showcasing their boho trends flaunting down the beach not just on models, but on their consumers too. A number of posts on their account features content sent in by fans of the clothing line. 2. @Nike @Nike features some awesome people completing some incredible feats in some pretty amazing places. From kids playing t-ball, to pro athletes, their … Continue reading 5 Clothing Companies Killin’ the Instagram Game

Five Most Underused Social Media Tools

By: Gentry Bennett, @Gen_andTonic With so many social media sites these days, it can be hard to learn the ends and outs of all of them. There are some hidden tools and features that can extremely help improve your experience. Without further ado, here are the five most underused social media tools… 1. Mute on Twitter, Unfollow on Facebook Whether it’s your uncle on Facebook that likes to share his political views, or that one professor on Twitter that tweets at least once an hour, sometimes your feed needs a little “spring cleaning.” The mute and unfollow options on Twitter and … Continue reading Five Most Underused Social Media Tools

Keeping Your Personal Brand Safe Over Spring Break

By: Sophia Ciancone, @sophiaciancone Spring break is finally here. Ping has been packed and the salad bar line long. Students are ready to set off and enjoy a week of carefree relaxation and fun. It’s important, however, that students keep in mind a lecture we’ve heard time and time again: brand yourself. From professors to professionals, everyone in the field promises that if we just create our brand, we are set. Sometimes, adventurous trips like spring break can put our brand at jeopardy. In order to make sure that does’t happen, here are some tips to keep things clean while you’re … Continue reading Keeping Your Personal Brand Safe Over Spring Break

How to use your PR Skills outside of the office

By: Elise Mills, @itsELISElove The clock reads five, so you grab your coat, say goodbye to a couple of colleagues, and head out for the day. You were on fire today, everything you touched seemed to turn into Social Media gold. You knew you were good at what you do, you just never thought you would be this good. You wonder: If I’m this good inside the office, I wonder how good I can be outside… Instagram Your friend is complaining that no one ever likes her photo, and she asks for your help. Using your PR skills, you post her … Continue reading How to use your PR Skills outside of the office

5 Social Media Tips to Begin 2015

By: Austin Ambrose, @tex_ambrose7 Starting a new year allows for the chance to start fresh, and there is no reason this shouldn’t apply to your social media life too. Now is a perfect time to rethink your media strategy, and make some changes for the year ahead. With a little time and effort, you can have a completely revamped and improved plan for 2015. Evan Lepage, a blogger for Hootsuite, discussed five tips for social media renovations. Taking from Lepage’s discussion, I’ll add some personal experiences of my own to bring the discussion closer to home. 1. Declutter and Drop the … Continue reading 5 Social Media Tips to Begin 2015

Tumblr: Less is more

By: Gabrielle Gamad, @gabbygamad   While procrastinating in the library, I discovered why one social media site is taking the field. Archive after archive, I began to see an abundance of things Tumblr did better than the more popular social media platforms. For starters, Tumblr hits the hard-to-reach demographic, teen to twenty-something year olds. According to the Business Insider, GlobalWebIndex’s survey reported that 34 million Internet users, globally, said that they contribute to, or use Tumblr on a monthly basis. Nearly half, 46%, of these users were between the ages of 16 and 24. Tumblr appeals to this age group by … Continue reading Tumblr: Less is more

Four Easy Tricks to Up Your Insta-Game

By: Alicia Collins, @aliciacollins_ In today’s society, the amount of Instagram followers a person has relates directly to the value of that person. This may be an exaggeration. In the public relations field, the number of Instagram followers your account holds will not hinder your success. That’s because the average Instagram user spends upwards of 275 minutes a month consuming the popular social media site’s content. If you’re like me, however, you could spend 275 minutes scrolling through your feed in just mere days. For us ‘insta-addicts’ and wannabe publicists, increasing our follower count can be a daunting and timely task, … Continue reading Four Easy Tricks to Up Your Insta-Game

Athens Boutiques Get Social With Their Media

By: Corina Rolko @corinarolko  Athens is widely known for being home to Ohio University and its popular annual festivals, but many are finding that the gorgeous brick streets also boast modern and unique fashion boutiques. Uptown Athens has a wide array of shops, but a few have boosted their popularity through a strong social media presence. Figleaf Boutique, a women’s clothing store on North Court Street, has a fan base of almost 4,500 people who view their daily posts. The shop mixes media with photos, look books and simple sale announcements to entice customers to stop in and shop their … Continue reading Athens Boutiques Get Social With Their Media

Instagram: Pro-Private vs. Pro-Public

By: Kelsey Miller @Kelsey_65 It’s the debate of the century: should I keep my Instagram private? This question may be tossed around for generations to come, but I am a true believer in keeping it public, no matter your career profession. My only exception to this belief is if you are under the age of eighteen, simply because you are a minor and probably aren’t pursuing a career. Go Public Although Instagram is the main focus, ALL social media accounts should be kept public (unless you’re inappropriate on those accounts). Many pro-public people believe in the power of feeling as … Continue reading Instagram: Pro-Private vs. Pro-Public