ImPRess clients and customers through design

By:  Ali Fortney Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account   The term “public relations” encompasses a wide array of topics and techniques.  Many factors influence whether or not a company is properly using PR to its advantage.  Design can make or break a business’ public relations agenda.  While many companies are increasingly using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers, they must remember basic PR techniques that will never get old. For example, the magazine advertisement.  Many companies promote their brand through advertisements in large magazines such as People, Vogue, Time or Rolling Stone.  Businesses must keep in … Continue reading ImPRess clients and customers through design

Specialized Teams Ensuring Success

By: Annie Beard Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account The ImPRessions College Book Store account is getting creative on getting work done. They have come up with a new, easy way to be highly productive in a small amount of time. Want in on their secret? They divide their account up into four separate groups that work on projects specific to their expertise. The four groups inside the CBS account are the design team, the writing team, the social media team, and the research team. They are all vital to the success of the account, and all work together in finishing projects. … Continue reading Specialized Teams Ensuring Success