There’s No ‘I’ in Team

By: Allison Evans, @Allison_Evans We all love that public relations can take us down many avenues, and that no two resumes are the same. However, no matter which workplace you choose, you will have to be a team player. I’ve had so many valuable experiences to teach me what that means, and how far you may need to go for the people we respect and care for. Team Client The internship I took on as a freshman taught me that clients value humility and service in their representatives. I advocated for people with developmental disabilities, in the form of marketing … Continue reading There’s No ‘I’ in Team

Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

By: Catrina Lang @trinalang13 Becoming a member of The Tempo Tantrums, an all female a Capella group here on campus has been one of the best and most unique experiences I’ve had in college so far. Making pop music come to life with nothing but our voices is a challenging but rewarding task. Throughout my first two years with the group, I’ve learned a lot about different musical elements such as tone, pitch and harmony. What I’ve come to realize is that many of the same tools that we use to create beautiful music can also be applied to craft and … Continue reading Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

Why Ebola is the Perfect PR Client

By: Meredith Broadwater @Mere_Broadwater We all know Ebola as the possibly fatal disease that everyone’s afraid of getting, but not a lot of people know what it really is – however they’re paying attention to it. Public relations can change the way people identify one product, or disease in this case, compared to another. Ebola is one-of-a-kind, so it’s the most ideal client for a public relations professional. Ebola is already internationally known. Part of the job is already done! Everyone knows the client, but the problem is that it’s a negative image because it’s a disease (obviously). However, not a lot … Continue reading Why Ebola is the Perfect PR Client

Summer Reflection Series: Erica Stonehill

3 Lessons, 2 Jobs, 1 Summer: Where PR, Panera, and Aeropostale overlap By: Erica Stonehill @estonehill13 This summer I took on the exhausting task of working two jobs. I’ve been a tried and true Panera Bread employee for going on three years, and recently landed a position at the local Aeropostale. After learning more about public relations in the past year, I’ve noticed on more than one occasion how my current jobs intermix with my future career. The customer is always right – As frustrating as it may be sometimes, you are employed to make others happy. That is your … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Erica Stonehill

Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

By: Becca Zook @BeccaZook If you ask the average person whether they know the difference between Public Relations and Media Relations, chances are they don’t. However, if you ask any communications professional they will tell you that media relations cannot be used interchangeably with public relations. Public relations involves connecting and creating a relationship between various publics and your organization/business. This means managing communication between consumers, charities, investors, industries, as well as the media. Media relations is a specialized part of public relations, that focuses on getting as much positive coverage for your organization/business as possible. This involves creating a working … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

What PR people actually do

We have all experienced it before at family gatherings when our relatives ask what we are going to school for, and then we see their looks of confusion as we try to explain what our majors actually are. As much as I wish I could say that after graduation we all move onto be the next Olivia Pope, or even a gladiator for that matter, it’s not always like that. It’s often perceived that the role of Public Relations is an unethical career filled with lies and covering up mistakes of the clients, but that is very far from the … Continue reading What PR people actually do

Taking a Peek Into Agency Life at Edelman

Agency life keeps you on your toes; it’s fast paced, mentally demanding yet very exciting. Professionals working at an agency have different day-to-day agendas and are constantly challenged to be creative and curious thinkers. During my time as an Edelman Trainee, I got a taste of what agency life is really like and what traits are essential for success. Here are four characteristics of a successful PR pro at Edelman: Creative- clients are always looking for the next big thing. Agency staff must be creative to drive interactive content and impression numbers with innovative strategies. Enthusiastic- in order for the … Continue reading Taking a Peek Into Agency Life at Edelman

A Day in the Life: PR Professional

This is the first of a three-part series detailing the daily life of a public relations professional, intern and student. Name: Devin Hughes Company: Global Prairie Location: Cleveland, OH Hourly Snapshot 7:30 AM – Wake up, shower, and check Facebook/Twitter/News RSS Feed while eating a granola bar for breakfast. This includes both personal interest stuff (friends’ Facebook posts, sports scores) as well as work stuff (industry news/tweets) 8:30 AM – Arrive at work. Whole bunch of emails to sift through. Better make the first cup of coffee (in our Keurig!) 9:00 AM – A new team member has joined our … Continue reading A Day in the Life: PR Professional