Candy or Pills – Can You Tell the Difference?

ImPRessions Cardinal Health Account Implements HallOUween Campaign Bongs, lines and cans – all common forms of drug distribution that college students are familiar with. But what about small orange bottles? You know the kind; they may sit in your parents’ medicine cabinet and can easily be picked up at any local pharmacy. Most people don’t realize that legal prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal narcotics. This is the issue that the ImPRessions Cardinal Health account deals with here on campus. We inform the student population on the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. A few weeks before Halloween, … Continue reading Candy or Pills – Can You Tell the Difference?

Why Internships Matter

By: Colleen Veeley Account Supervisor, Cardinal Health and Up ‘Til Dawn accounts This summer, I’m working as a public relations intern at Cardinal Health, a fortune 19 healthcare services company in Dublin, Ohio. Coming into the internship, I had little corporate public relations experience and zero healthcare exposure. I had the pre-internship jitters, but I feel at home already and am not ready for the summer to be over! I’ve learned essential skills that simply cannot be taught in the classroom. I’ve observed how my manager responds to issues. She prepares herself when she knows a reporter might be calling … Continue reading Why Internships Matter

Cardinal Health finishes up a successful year

By Jenny Chufar Associate, ImPRessions account                     Over the course of this past school year, Grace Naugle and Jackie Bavaro worked hard with their team members promoting their ImPRessions client Cardinal Health.  One big project the team took on was the Generation Rx campaign, which promotes prescription drug abuse prevention. Bavaro said the biggest challenge the team faced was the time constraints.  During fall quarter the team did a lot of brainstorming while prepping the ground for the basis of their campaign.  The Generation Rx campaign, which they titled, “Dose of … Continue reading Cardinal Health finishes up a successful year

Update: Cardinal Health account spreads awareness about prescription drug abuse

By Jenny Chufar                                                                                                                                                                               Associate, ImPRessions account The Cardinal Health ImPRessions account recently gained media attention for its GenerationRx campaign.  Startling facts about drug abuse and information about the GenerationRx campaign were featured in The Post on Jan. 25. The campaign is an outreach program run by Cardinal Health, and its mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug use.  The program has come to Ohio University to help spread the knowledge to college students, who make up a large demographic of this rising problem. Grace Naugle, Account executive of the account, said the Generation Rx campaign is … Continue reading Update: Cardinal Health account spreads awareness about prescription drug abuse

Building an empire

By R. Devin Hughes CEO Recently, the SVP of professional and government relations at Cardinal Health spoke to the intern class, giving background about her job and providing helpful advice. One thing she said that really stuck out to me was, “you have a responsibility to help the people below you get promoted.” Looking at how ImPRessions has developed in my time with the firm, I couldn’t agree more. As an account executive or supervisor, you might be tempted to think “success” means that your account produced strong results for your client this year. While that is great, I think … Continue reading Building an empire

ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

By R. Devin Hughes CEO Ohio University students don’t know what is about to hit them next year (though hopefully, with our PR efforts, they will). Last year, ImPRessions took part in its largest event ever, collaborating with the Black Student Council Programming Board, University Programs Council and Backdrop Magazine to put on the first MAYDAY event, a large outdoor concert featuring artists Clipse and Consequence. It was estimated that more than 800 people  attended. The success of this event opened our eyes to our potential to be a part of major campus and community events, an initiative we plan … Continue reading ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

Presenting the new ImPRessions website!

by R. Devin Hughes, CEO I am delighted to write the introductory post for the new ImPRessions website, moved over from Blogger to WordPress. Aside from needing to fill out a few biographical segments in our Leadership section, the site is complete and ready for public viewing. As this is a new venture, we would really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you have for the page; please feel encouraged to comment on this post or e-mail us at This website needs to accurately portray the excellence of our firm, so we welcome all constructive feedback that will help us … Continue reading Presenting the new ImPRessions website!