The Need for Special Events

By: Abby Miller, @abbby_e When people think of public relations, the usual skill and strategies like social media management and crisis management come to mind. One aspect of public relations that can be of key importance, however, is special event planning. Special event planning is when a company puts on a wide variety of events that promote their business. A special event could be anything from a grand opening, to an anniversary celebration, to a community fair. Hosting a successful event can do wonders for your brand’s image, and hopefully position that brand in your consumers’ minds. For just this reason, … Continue reading The Need for Special Events

Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

By: Catrina Lang @trinalang13 Becoming a member of The Tempo Tantrums, an all female a Capella group here on campus has been one of the best and most unique experiences I’ve had in college so far. Making pop music come to life with nothing but our voices is a challenging but rewarding task. Throughout my first two years with the group, I’ve learned a lot about different musical elements such as tone, pitch and harmony. What I’ve come to realize is that many of the same tools that we use to create beautiful music can also be applied to craft and … Continue reading Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

Summer Reflection Series: Laine Carey

What I Learned From My Experiential Marketing Internship By: Laine Carey @snakesona_laine I’ve been asked a lot recently, “What did you do this summer?” I say, “Well, I was a giant cookie.” Ummm it’s hard to explain. Just look: But honestly, I did a lot more than just prance around in a cookie suit. I drove the Cookie Cruiser, too! Needless to say, my internship was incredibly fun. But in all seriousness, I learned so much. Along with 4 other girls, I travelled all over Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio on behalf of Eat’n Park Hospitality Group. We were Eat’n … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Laine Carey

Is Pinterest Effective for Your Brand?

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard Social media has become one of the most important strategies that a brand can adopt in order to engage with their consumers. Along with Twitter and Facebook, many brands have turned to Pinterest. Some are successful, while others struggle to find any relevance.  It is important to know whether or not Pinterest is effective for your brand, and there are a few ways to tell. Before you can gauge your brand’s relevance on Pinterest, you have to know and understand the demographics that Pinterest reaches. The following info graphic illustrates some “Pinteresting” findings. Key takeaways: 68.2 … Continue reading Is Pinterest Effective for Your Brand?

A Lesson from Warby Parker: How to Use Instagram Effectively

Warby Parker is an amazing eye-glass company that sells unique and stylish frames for $95 (yes that also includes the lens)! In addition to the amazing price point for every pair that is sold, a pair is given to someone in need. Aside to being known for its trendy glasses, outstanding customer service and exceptional prices, Warby Parker is also known for its social media – namely its Instagram account. Warby Parker has mastered the use of Instagram and is a perfect example of a company who uses the platform effectively. Culture Looking at Warby Parker’s Instagram account gives a … Continue reading A Lesson from Warby Parker: How to Use Instagram Effectively

Five steps to the perfect pitch

Whether it is an internal request or cold calling, pitching can be a nerve-wracking and difficult task. Basically, you have to convince someone to add something to their to-do list, or take out his or her wallets and donate to a cause. However, it has been done, and done successfully. Here are five steps to nail the perfect pitch: Do your research. Find ways to integrate your pitch into the person or company’s culture or lifestyle. Bringing up past connections is always helpful, along with a positive reminder of that experience. The ties that bring them closer to your pitch will … Continue reading Five steps to the perfect pitch

Twitter Lessons from the A-List

As technology is evolving, so are the ethics of journalism. Part of the changing technology is the emerging presence and influence of social media. In 140 characters you can enhance or inhibit your professional career – so no pressure. By having a presence on Twitter you are not only conveying your thoughts, ideas and work, but you’re building a brand that may be an employer’s first impression of you. And what better way to learn what to do, and not do, on Twitter than look at the people who arguably have the most influence on the Twitter community? Here’s some … Continue reading Twitter Lessons from the A-List

Wait…I Have to Vine This

In the fast-paced world of social media and PR, it is important to stay up-to-date on emerging trends. In January 2013 Twitter introduced Vine as the newest form of social media. Since the launch, Vine hasn’t left the top 20 list in the iOs app store. So what is Vine? It is an app that allows users to create a series of short video frames which are then looped together to create a six-second video which can be shared on Vine, Twitter and Facebook. When the app first appeared it was primarily used as a way for people to share … Continue reading Wait…I Have to Vine This

PR For The Holidays: The Gift of Branding and Internships Event Recap

By: Kiley Landusky, Internal Account Associate On a cold, rainy day on December 2nd the OU ImPRessions holiday party, “PR for the Holidays: The Gift of Internships and Branding” brought together account supervisors, executives and associates from the seventeen accounts for warm holiday cheer, warm wishes from fellow members and of course, warm food. The guests were greeted with a nametag and agenda listing the speakers that would later give valuable advice and praise of the spectacular PRSSA-affiliated group. The party was kicked off with various potluck foods provided by members of ImPRessions. An introduction by Heather Bartman, Sienna Tomko … Continue reading PR For The Holidays: The Gift of Branding and Internships Event Recap

New school year brings a new slogan, clients, leaders and goals

By Nicole Bersani CEO, ImPRessions Posting for the first time as the CEO of ImPRessions, I have a “tall” order to fill. Devin Hughes, Janelle Huelsman and Courtney Cooper — the past three CEOs — must be around 5’7″. I’m 5’4″. However, it’s not as much about the height of course as it is about their accomplishments as CEOs. Looking back at the firm’s successes when they were CEO, I have set new heights. Last year alone, there were a lot of accomplishments in the 2010-2011 school year: an increase in clients and members, a PRSSA National Affiliation student-run firm … Continue reading New school year brings a new slogan, clients, leaders and goals