Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

By: Catrina Lang @trinalang13 Becoming a member of The Tempo Tantrums, an all female a Capella group here on campus has been one of the best and most unique experiences I’ve had in college so far. Making pop music come to life with nothing but our voices is a challenging but rewarding task. Throughout my first two years with the group, I’ve learned a lot about different musical elements such as tone, pitch and harmony. What I’ve come to realize is that many of the same tools that we use to create beautiful music can also be applied to craft and … Continue reading Finding the perfect pitch: social media lessons from an a Capella perspective

Twitter Lessons from @OU_Confessions and @OUCrushes

Two anonymous twitter accounts created by Ohio University students quickly caught the attention of fellow bobcats starting in the spring of 2013. The twitter accounts, OU Crushes and OU Confessions urge students to share their most intimate secrets, and personal issues with strangers, while they remain unidentified to followers. The twitter account OU Crushes prompts Bobcats to share their love interests with followers, while OU Confessions invites Bobcats to share confessions of any nature.  These confessions may range from heartfelt to down right disturbing.  The unpredictable nature of the twitter account may be one of the many reasons why this … Continue reading Twitter Lessons from @OU_Confessions and @OUCrushes

Making Your Press Release Go the Extra Mile

Writing press releases are certainly not the most glamorous thing you’ll do as a PR professional, but they are essential. Whether you’re working for an agency, doing PR for a particular company or working for a non-profit, you’re destined to write a press release, or 10, or 50. A press release is an important step towards a successful public relations campaign. Follow these tips to make your press release stand out. 1.  Write a killer headline If you don’t have a catchy, appealing headline your press release probably won’t be read in today’s cluttered media space. Where should you look … Continue reading Making Your Press Release Go the Extra Mile