Everything you need to know about The Fluff (and maybe even a little more)

By: Maddy Plaster, @maddyrose1620 *Correction/Clarification: The Fluff will no longer be serving dinner until further notice, due to staffing changes, but still stop in to try the breakfast and lunch menus. Be on the lookout for the resumption of the dinner menu. I’m sure there are some of you who are wondering what I’m talking about when I say The Fluff.  Some might ask if I’m referring to the Fluff Bakery, home to fabulous baked goods that top your grandma’s secret recipes. The rest of you may be completely clueless. Well, I am here to help explain what The Fluff is. The … Continue reading Everything you need to know about The Fluff (and maybe even a little more)

My Summer as a Snake-Wrangler

Summer Reflection Series: Rebecca Zook By: Rebecca Zook @BeccaZook This past summer I spent my time interning as a writer and photographer for the Southern Ohio Copperheads. For any sports fanatic this is the best situation for a summer internship, it’s in a relaxed setting while still getting the full-fledged sports experience. After all it is summer, what more can you ask for other than sun, baseball and great coworkers?! The Southern Ohio Copperheads is a summer collegiate baseball team stationed in Athens, Ohio. As a staff writer for the Copperheads, I covered community events, wrote game recaps, as well … Continue reading My Summer as a Snake-Wrangler

Summer Reflection Series: Carolyn Nachman

By: Carolyn Nachman @carolynnachman When I began college at OU three years ago I knew I wanted to spend one summer in Athens before I graduated. With one summer left, it was my last chance to experience Athens in all its summer glory. When it was time to start my summer internship search, I started looking around Athens and the surrounding area. For such a small town there are more opportunities than you would think. Between internships with the school, and newspapers in the surrounding area, there was plenty to apply to. And then I got an email about an … Continue reading Summer Reflection Series: Carolyn Nachman

Fall semester is just around the corner, are you ready?

By: Jess Carnprobst @jess_carnprobst Yesterday it hit me – I only have a week left before I go back to school. What?? How did summer go by so fast? I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way, and may even be going back sooner than I am. Of course, we’re all excited to go back to the beautiful home we call Athens, but there’s still a lot left to do before the summer ends. Here are some of my tips to help make that to do list seem less daunting. 1. Rethink everything you wanted to do when … Continue reading Fall semester is just around the corner, are you ready?

Leaving Athens: How to Deal

By: Laine Carey @snakesona_laine 3 years ago this fall, I moved into Wilson Hall on West Green at Ohio University, completely unaware of what the coming years would bring. Long story short: I fell in love! And I’m not the only one. I think it’s safe to say that all Bobcats are happy residents of our little heaven that is Athens. It’s been a great ride and I can’t wait to see what the coming years will- wait, what? – I…I have to leave? – What is this “graduation” you speak of? – UGHHHH. Unless the real world is full of … Continue reading Leaving Athens: How to Deal

Things to cross of yOUr OU Bucket List

I guess it’s about time I admit it. After all admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? I don’t want to leave this magical place we call Athens, Ohio. It has been a yearlong mission to cross off my OU bucket list items one by one. With only a few days left and a few more checks to make, I feel it is only fair to pass along some of the favorite things I’ve done during my years at old OU. If I can save one bobcat from missing the hidden gems of Athens, then I will … Continue reading Things to cross of yOUr OU Bucket List

Being Bobcats on a Budget

“Broke.” I’d say that’s an adjective college students have used to describe themselves at least once in college. I can’t remember how many times my checking account was overdrawn freshman year. Living on a tight budget can be difficult at times, but it isn’t impossible! I’m no expert in finance but here are a few tips from experiences I have had with managing my mullah. Get a Job With the hectic schedules of class and extracurricular activities, having a job can seem daunting. I personally believe it’s necessary to work while in school. There are many campus and local jobs … Continue reading Being Bobcats on a Budget

College Book Store Gives Back to Athens Youth This Sibs Weekend

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at Ohio University! With holidays and two school closings, we have yet to have a full week of classes, since week one of the semester. Last Tuesday, the College Book Store ImPRessions account was suppose to be working hard in Scripps 116 to prepare for their Sibs weekend event. Instead, the account was stuck as home after the first weather related closing since 2009. As Queen Elsa would say, the cold never bothered us anyway! Our account worked from home to relay College Book Store’s message of giving back to the community this … Continue reading College Book Store Gives Back to Athens Youth This Sibs Weekend

Four Years, Four Tips: Advice From a Senior in Denial

How is it even possible that I’m less than two weeks away from my last fall semester at Ohio University?! Like everyone else, I’ve definitely had my ups and downs over these last three years. I went from just “liking” college to considering Athens my home. I began as an often anxious, homesick freshman into an overly confident, self-proclaimed “hot commodity” senior. Although I’m in denial of approaching the ‘g-bomb’ and wish there wasn’t a life beyond Court Street, I can confidently say no other university would have given me a better college experience. OU and the J-School have given … Continue reading Four Years, Four Tips: Advice From a Senior in Denial

Account Spotlight: GoBus

By: Marisa Dockum At every Scripps Public Relations Student Society of America meeting, an ImPRessions account is selected to be a spotlight based on their accomplishments and efforts.  On Monday, November 5, the GoBus account was highlighted to all PRSSA members.  The Hocking Athens Perry Community Action’s GoBus is a non profit community based organization. The GoBus is a new federally funded transportation service that offers transportation from Athens to Cincinnati and Columbus with stops along the way. “The goal of the OU ImPRessions GoBus account is to assess the current state of the GoBus brand positioning on the Ohio … Continue reading Account Spotlight: GoBus