Perks of the Nonprofit World

By: McKennah Robinson, @kennmilli When looking for internships, narrowing down your choices often doesn’t come until you have a solid list of places to apply to. The questions we all ask is ‘What will be the most beneficial?’ I’m willing to bet that most of us would say corporate or a PR agency. Not as many of us look at the world of nonprofits as being a great place for interns to go. But, there are many perks that can make saying ‘yes’ to a nonprofit worth your while. Perk #1: We generally don’t know a whole lot about the non-profit … Continue reading Perks of the Nonprofit World

Taking a Peek Into Agency Life at Edelman

Agency life keeps you on your toes; it’s fast paced, mentally demanding yet very exciting. Professionals working at an agency have different day-to-day agendas and are constantly challenged to be creative and curious thinkers. During my time as an Edelman Trainee, I got a taste of what agency life is really like and what traits are essential for success. Here are four characteristics of a successful PR pro at Edelman: Creative- clients are always looking for the next big thing. Agency staff must be creative to drive interactive content and impression numbers with innovative strategies. Enthusiastic- in order for the … Continue reading Taking a Peek Into Agency Life at Edelman

Do I Take the Unpaid Internship or Not?

If you’re a current college student (especially a PR student) then you’ve definitely heard the debate about unpaid internships. It’s been all over the news especially after the “Black Swan” scandal. Are they legal? How can employers get away with it? The debate never ends and court cases trying to fight unpaid internships keep popping up. Unpaid Internships are one of the top things that is searched on Google: Although I agree that in some instances unpaid internships should definitely be illegal, especially if you’re doing nothing but grunt work and getting coffee or running errands, there are positive benefits … Continue reading Do I Take the Unpaid Internship or Not?

An Entertaining Entertainment Internship

Receiving the opportunity to work at an entertainment agency this summer has opened my eyes to the entertainment industry and I am now a dedicated fan of the Kardashians (I still don’t know if I am proud of this or not). I am interning in Cleveland with the Talent Group and their office is located right outside the city, and by right outside I mean I could walk four blocks and be in the heart of Cleveland. It’s odd that I decided to take this internship because I have never had an interest in the entertainment industry. I’m not the … Continue reading An Entertaining Entertainment Internship

Paid Fall PR Internship in NYC

Current is a consumer public relations agency based in New York City and is looking for a PR intern for fall 2013. Heather Bartman, former CEO of ImPRessions and recent Ohio University graduate, interned with Current summer 2012. Details of the internship are included below. Please contact Heather Bartman if interested at Current: We are looking for enthusiastic, self-starters who are good multi-taskers and are organized. It is a very hands-on role where you will be integral to the team and be given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of PR. Core tasks include writing, researching, event … Continue reading Paid Fall PR Internship in NYC

Bobcat Network: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

We hear it all the time – Bobcats are everywhere and willing to help you out. I always believed it when I heard those words, but this summer I got to experience it firsthand. Over winter break this past year, I went on interviews and received an internship at a small agency in Cincinnati. I was ecstatic considering this would be my first internship, I had it lined up early and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. As the end of the school year was approaching I had been in contact with my boss and several of the … Continue reading Bobcat Network: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A Day in the Life: PR Professional

This is the first of a three-part series detailing the daily life of a public relations professional, intern and student. Name: Devin Hughes Company: Global Prairie Location: Cleveland, OH Hourly Snapshot 7:30 AM – Wake up, shower, and check Facebook/Twitter/News RSS Feed while eating a granola bar for breakfast. This includes both personal interest stuff (friends’ Facebook posts, sports scores) as well as work stuff (industry news/tweets) 8:30 AM – Arrive at work. Whole bunch of emails to sift through. Better make the first cup of coffee (in our Keurig!) 9:00 AM – A new team member has joined our … Continue reading A Day in the Life: PR Professional

8 Unlikely Jobs for a PR Major

In the world of PR, many people believe there are limits to the jobs you can hold upon graduation. You can be a PR specialist, some level of account manager, possibly an event planner and of course you must work at a PR firm. This could not be more inaccurate. Public relations is a vast field that can get you in to almost anything. Especially with the background that E.W. Scripps provides you, as long as you are good at what you do and have lots of experience, your future career possibilities are truly endless. An understanding of public relations … Continue reading 8 Unlikely Jobs for a PR Major