How Many Internship Should You Apply for?

By Sydney Gardner @sydneygardner Internship application season often features students huddled around laptops with too big of cups of coffee in their hands. Some students will start the search as early as possible; while others may wait to binge apply over winter break. But at what point are you supposed to stop? There’s is no magic number when it comes to applying for internships. However there are a few steps you can take to make your search a little more efficient. Know what you want. Before applying to a single internship, you need to figure out what it is you … Continue reading How Many Internship Should You Apply for?

Interning Abroad: The Brand of Milk and Honey

By: Allison Rumsas @allisonrumsas I have spent the last five weeks of my summer in Israel interning at a PR and branding firm, BOMAH- The Brand of Milk and Honey, in Jerusalem. In Israel, internships aren’t very common and after meeting with my boss the first day, I quickly realized that my internship would be much different than the previous internship I had in Chicago. I work directly with the Founder and Assistant Director of the firm and am given a huge amount of freedom and responsibility with the work that I do. I created my own title and job … Continue reading Interning Abroad: The Brand of Milk and Honey

A Lesson On Making Interviews Less Scary

By: Kelly Hayes @kmshayes You’re sitting in the hallway waiting for your name to be called, your palms are sweating and going over every little detail of your job experience in your mind. Finally the receptionist tells you, you can go into the conference room. You shake your interviewer’s hand and sit down. There’s a little small talk, the interviewer goes over your resume and any other application materials, they ask you questions in between and then you ask some questions. Finally the interview is over, and all you can think is, “thank goodness that’s over!” Although, it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading A Lesson On Making Interviews Less Scary

Does your internship have to be PR related?

By: Casey Weinfurtner @CaseyWein It’s no secret our internship experiences help prepare us for a future career. When employers ask how we best fit the job through a sequence of interview questions, we’re going to need to draw from experience. That being said, aspects of your internship should be relevant to your career path. That’s not to say taking an internship a little out of the ordinary can’t prepare you – just be prepared to explain to an employer how it has. Last winter break I interned with H.E.L.P. Malawi, a nonprofit organization that helps to better the educational programs … Continue reading Does your internship have to be PR related?

Networking with Professors

An average student has roughly five different professors in a semester. In a year, they probably have nine or ten. By the time a student graduates there is a good chance that they will have had 35+ professors. Each one has taught you something that you may or may not use in your profession, but are they here for more than being an instructor? The answer is yes. They are here for you to network with, to help you potentially find an internship for the summer or a job after graduation. For some students it is intimidating to approach a … Continue reading Networking with Professors

3 Perks of Having a Scripps PRSSA Mentor

We’ve all felt that feeling as a freshman; you’re lost, confused and lonely when you first arrive in Athens, especially if you don’t know anyone on campus. I can admit that as a freshman last year, I had no idea what to do with my major and didn’t know anyone who could help me. I wanted to get involved to meet new people by joining organizations so I could gain PR experience. Little did I know that my future PR mentor was someone I looked up to in high school four years ago. I first met Darby Fledderjohn, a senior … Continue reading 3 Perks of Having a Scripps PRSSA Mentor

3 Ways to Survive Freshman Year

Whether you were the star athlete, book worm or shy one in high school, it doesn’t matter anymore. You are in college with new people in a different environment, which gives everyone a fresh start. This is the first time that YOU are in charge of your own life. Your parents will not be contacted for any of the mistakes that you make, it is all on you. With the new academic year (already) upon us it’s nice to have a few tips on making your freshmen year a GREAT one. These three tips are ones that will give you … Continue reading 3 Ways to Survive Freshman Year

Transitioning Back to College After a Dream Internship

It felt like I was Cinderella in my own personal fairytale. I would work at glamorous photo shoots and casually meet celebrity icons. Attending red carpet events were regularly jotted down in my planner. Being chauffeured around New York City with Miss Universe was as normal as drinking a cup of coffee. Who was I and how did I get to this magical place? It all started from applying to the Miss Universe Organization, where I worked as a PR intern in NYC for five months. Hands down, the most rewarding opportunity of my life. Working with this prestigious company … Continue reading Transitioning Back to College After a Dream Internship

Four Years, Four Tips: Advice From a Senior in Denial

How is it even possible that I’m less than two weeks away from my last fall semester at Ohio University?! Like everyone else, I’ve definitely had my ups and downs over these last three years. I went from just “liking” college to considering Athens my home. I began as an often anxious, homesick freshman into an overly confident, self-proclaimed “hot commodity” senior. Although I’m in denial of approaching the ‘g-bomb’ and wish there wasn’t a life beyond Court Street, I can confidently say no other university would have given me a better college experience. OU and the J-School have given … Continue reading Four Years, Four Tips: Advice From a Senior in Denial