5 Traits All Successful Easter Advertisements Embody

By Mira Kuhar, @mirakuhar Easter is a time for family, cute animals and yummy treats. Most companies, whether they sell Easter-related products or not, like to center their advertisements during this time on the fun and playful atmosphere that Easter brings. If you’re thinking about creating an Easter-related campaign, here’s a small list of qualities to keep in mind that all successful Easter advertisements encompass: A Family-Friendly Nature Since Easter is a holiday centered on family, most advertisements will capitalize on family time. Pictures of children on Easter egg hunts, family dinners and groups of happy church-goers, are frequently pictured … Continue reading 5 Traits All Successful Easter Advertisements Embody

Advertising Takes Progressive Steps Forward

By: Austin Ambrose, @tex_ambrose7 The image of ‘dad’ is different for everyone. The media are no exception to this, even they have their own perception of what it looks like to be ‘dad.’ For many years, advertisers believed they couldn’t have a commercial with a dad unless the dad was goofy and ended up being talked down to by his wife for making a mistake. An accurate representation of ‘dad’ has been absent from the media, and advertisers are prime culprits. The Super Bowl, one of the most viewed TV event each year, places some of the best commercials. The commercials may attract … Continue reading Advertising Takes Progressive Steps Forward

Fifty Shades of Hyped

By: Cameron Quinn I remember seeing “Fifty Shades of Grey” everywhere around my high school. My very opinionated senior-year journalism teacher expressed her thoughts on how ridiculous a book, which is practically an erotic novel, was. I told myself I would never succumb to the trend of reading such an explicit book. This was two years ago, and here we are, with a countdown to the movie premiere. Unfortunately, I am also guilty of waiting in anticipation. After hearing snippets of the soundtrack (who doesn’t enjoy Beyoncé’s voice) and seeing my social media boom with sneak peaks and crazy girls … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Hyped

PR Skills Make Everything Easier, Even Sorority Recruitment

By: Corina Rolko, @CRolko Working long hours and balancing multiple projects at the same time are just two of the obstacles one will face as a professional in the public relations industry.  In fact, any student who is studying public relations, and staying involved in related organizations on campus, can already attest to that.  Although it can be overwhelming at times, the skills and lessons you learn as a PR student or professional will benefit you outside of a professional or academic setting. Anyone who has participated in the sorority recruitment process, on either side, knows how overwhelming it can be.  … Continue reading PR Skills Make Everything Easier, Even Sorority Recruitment

Tumblr: Less is more

By: Gabrielle Gamad, @gabbygamad   While procrastinating in the library, I discovered why one social media site is taking the field. Archive after archive, I began to see an abundance of things Tumblr did better than the more popular social media platforms. For starters, Tumblr hits the hard-to-reach demographic, teen to twenty-something year olds. According to the Business Insider, GlobalWebIndex’s survey reported that 34 million Internet users, globally, said that they contribute to, or use Tumblr on a monthly basis. Nearly half, 46%, of these users were between the ages of 16 and 24. Tumblr appeals to this age group by … Continue reading Tumblr: Less is more

Another Reason to Admire Chipotle

  By: Morgan Borer, @MorganBorer It’s 5 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon in Athens, Ohio. Court Street is chilly and barren. Some late-night partiers are are sulking in bed, while others have half-heartedly forced themselves up to finish homework at the library. In the midst of studying, they scroll through their Twitter feeds, extending the routine Sunday procrastination. “Did you miss us? We’ve got burritos today.” The tweet flashes across the screen from @ChipotleTweets. Ah, yes. Mouths watering in anticipation, the students leave the library and head over to Chipotle for dinner. Unsurprisingly, they are forced to wait in a long … Continue reading Another Reason to Admire Chipotle

Happy Holidays!

By: Rosie Haren, @rosieharen Do you ever worry about being fully inclusive to all cultures during the holiday season? It’s a constant worry for most professionals. Businesses and restaurants have the difficult task of spreading holiday cheer, while being inclusive to all cultures and traditions. But, how do they do that? One option businesses use is to avoid directly advertising with Christmas representations in their ads, but using themes that remind people of winter. An example of this would be using music lyrics. The amount of Christmas ads seen, versus ads you see of other cultures, like the Jewish culture, are greatly … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Advertising uses “fem-vertising” to promote brands and break stereotypes

By: Kate Schroeder, @kschroeds7 There is a new trend in advertising. A trend all the Olivia Popes in the world would be proud of. The trend is called fem-vertising; pro-female messaging within advertising. Advertising is breaking away from its traditional mold of how it portrays women in the media, and is leaning toward advertising that can empower women while also selling products. http://www.nbcnews.com/watch/nightly-news/big-brands-using-femvertising-to-attract-female-consumers-368228931718 It’s no secret. Countless advertisements show women as sexual, weak or unobtainable objects. These messages are everywhere, and it has become the standard for advertising. Watch any Hardy’s advertisement. We all know the average woman does not have … Continue reading Advertising uses “fem-vertising” to promote brands and break stereotypes

The Three Best Christmas Advertisements of All Time

By: Elizabeth Papas, @elizabethpapas_ It is no mystery that companies and consumers alike live for creative advertisements during the holiday season. I mean, what better way to address a target audience than with a special appearance from old St. Nick? With the use of marketing tools and strategic communication plans, these three Christmas advertisements go down in history as the best and most memorable of all time. 1. Coca-Cola’s Holidays are Coming Coke loves Christmas. In the 1920s, Coca-Cola was one of the first companies to feature the character of Santa Clause in its holiday advertising. The company has continued … Continue reading The Three Best Christmas Advertisements of All Time

The Difference Between Advertising and PR – A Simplified Version

By: Kate Schroeder @kschroeds7 I’ll admit it. Even as a strategic communications student, I’ve had difficulty explaining to people who ask about my major what the difference is between public relations and advertising. Going into my senior year as a strategic communications student, I have a good deal of knowledge of each industry. However, when asked this simple question I end up rambling on all the differences between PR and advertising pros,– usually leaving my non-journalist counterpart thoroughly confused and in need of an aspirin. Looking back I wish someone had given me a simple, cut-and-dry answer to this not … Continue reading The Difference Between Advertising and PR – A Simplified Version