Pinterest Analytics You Can Use To Measure Your Page

By: Melaina Lewis @melaina_lewis

PinterestBy this point, we know Pinterest is a strategic marketing medium for corporate brands and personal branding. Brands like Starbucks and Warby Parker do it right. Creating content can be easier than actually measuring the analytics of a successful Pinterest account. What do professionals measure on Pinterest accounts anyway – engagement, re-pins, likes, referrals, and original versus copied content? Here’s a list and breakdown of a few useful and FREE analytic tools:

  1. Google Reader: A tool that monitors various social media progress. Import your Pinterest “source” site page, and let the data accumulation begin. It can be tricky, but stick with it because the metrics are worth it. Since Pinterest doesn’t have a traditional feed system, create a Feed RSS. Now you’re set and collected hard data.
  1. Google Analytics: This may be an obvious tool, but it’s a golden go-to choice. Google Analytics includes referral reports, custom reports, dashboards and multi-channel funnels. The reports let you measure referrals, site visits and results of conversion steps and bounce rates. It’s a goldmine of data for zero dollars.
  1. Pinterest Analytic Tools: Pinterest released its own free analytic tool conveniently called Pinterest for Business.  The internal tool lets account managers track activity and learn what pinners like. The results allow you to tailor your website and Pinterest boards to your consumer needs. It also brings insight into target markets by measuring timeframes and consumer trends, as well as, measuring the basics – impressions and reach. Account set up is easy in Business for Pinterest. All you have to do is verify the brand’s official website through Pinterest. Note, websites must have a homepage, Pinterest won’t register sub-pages.
  1. Tailwind: This is my personal favorite. Free Tailwind accounts are available, and measure the basic necessities for any PR professional. However, for a small fee more thorough reports can be collected. Tailwind measures the account’s progress over time, and proves ROI. It analyzes the Pin performance by category, board, keyword and #hashtag. It compares benchmarks and fan engagement levels among competitors. Coolest thing of all? Tailwind identifies brand advocates and most influential pins.

There are more than these free four Pinterest analytics tools on the Web. The best way to see if an analytic tool is worth the use is by giving it a trial run. Always make sure the tool is measuring what you need. Happy pinning!

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