The Best Brands on Twitter

By: Morgan Brenner

When you’re on twitter, looking through your feed and trying to find something to brighten your day the last thing you want to see is an advertisement, right? Or can an advertisement be just that? Brands on social media have turned from just throwing information about themselves in your face into their own voice that can interact, help, inform and entertain. These are just of few of those brands that we can all take notes on.

Delta (@Delta)

However not charming airport security, babies crying on planes and being stuck in the middle seat is, Delta Airlines balances that out nicely with their witty and interactive Twitter account. As all brands should, Delta promotes their products with a look into their new luxury seating and announcements of sales to expensive over sea destinations. They have contests and prizes, they interact with accounts they sponsor and they even have puns. Delta is just the kind of upbeat airline you want to be flying with. And don’t forget to check out their other Twitter account @deltaassist for ways to handle any airline problem you may run into.


Charmin (@Charmin)

Toilet talk is not necessarily dinner conversation, but when you do it like Charmin does on their feed, you can’t go wrong. Charmin creates their own hashtags to start conversations on twitter and stay involved by retweeting or replying to others who use their hashtags. They also involve themselves with trending hashtags, but are not annoying. Charmin is pretty funny while keeping the bathroom humor to a G rating, even when they use ‘#tweetfromthetoilet.’

Hamburger Helper (@Helper)hamburger

Now this is one of my personal favorites. Hamburger helper is not only hilarious but also up to date with pop culture, and it shows on their twitter feed. They promote their meals but do it in clever ways such as replacing lyrics from “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea with “I’m so tasty” and many other dinner puns. When you talk about finding a voice on twitter for your brand, Hamburger Helper has done that perfectly. As for interacting on Twitter, they not only tweet at other accounts but follow some of the followers they interact with, which is not often done by largely popular twitter accounts.

Oreo’s (@Oreo)

Although Twitter is a social media website for words, Oreo’s has used its rather new picture preview feature to their advantage. Some sort of visual accompanies almost every tweet, whether it is their own advertisements, a new way to eat their cookies or Oreo art. They aren’t just pictures, there are videos as well as vines. When looking at a page full of words a picture will attract your eye faster than anything else. Oreo Cookie knows this and uses it to their advantage in a great way.

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