Tone It Up Masters Pinterest

By: Kathleen Marincic @KathMarincic

K&KTone It Up is a community of women that focusses on fitness, health and happiness. The multimillion dollar brand was established by two spunky and intelligent fitness experts, Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn, to help inspire women to love their bodies and become their best selves.

Together, they’ve reached over 32 million hits on YouTube, have a loyal Twitter following of over 163,000 and have starred in their own reality television show on Bravo.

TIU is one of the most interactive and engaging brands as their impact on the fitness world has exploded with the help of social media. The duo has conquered the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and the platform that brands have the hardest time mastering: Pinterest.

The reason why TIU has had such great success with Pinterest is because their page is an exact reflection of the brand and its followers. Its focus is centered around brand personality, lifestyle, fitness and the growing TIU community as described below.


Karena and Katrina are unlike the typical gym trainers. They know the ins and outs of fitness, but take working out to the next level by making it fun. They put their hearts, souls and personalities into their brand which makes it easier for women of all ages to relate to them and their mission.

Pinterest boards reflect their individual personalities by showcasing products that they like, such as clothing, jewelry and makeup. A board is also dedicated to their undying obsession with kittens.



TIU isn’t just a fitness brand, but a lifestyle. Karena and Katrina have developed a line of premium health products called Perfect Fit, which includes multivitamins, protein bars, protein powder and so much more to increase the TIU experience.

These women promote ways to eat well in addition to exercise in order to achieve an overall healthier and happier lifestyle.  There are several Pinterest boards dedicated to recipes that complement the TIU training.

They provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes as well as cocktail recipes that are healthy and can also be made with the Perfect Fit protein powder. These boards reflect that being a part of the TIU community is more than a commitment to working out, but a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Karena and Katrina have helped make the transition into this lifestyle seamless for their members by creating boards such as these ones on their Pinterest page.



Karena and Katrina built this brand by providing short, free workout clips for their members, so it seems only natural that these videos appear on their Pinterest boards. The boards are broken up into specific areas to focus on, such as abs, arms, legs and cardio exercises.

In addition to videos, there are also tutorial workout charts that walk members through the motions. Each of these pins links back to the website where users can find additional information and workouts that complement the ones that they have already pinned.



GirlsInActionThe TIU community is like no other. It is full of women of all ages, all with inspiring stories, who support and motivate one another and no one is prouder of the TIU community than trainers Karena and Katrina. Their Pinterest page has a few boards that are solely dedicated to the hard work of the community.

Boards like, “Tone It Up Girls in Action,” showcase members participating in marathons, color and mud runs and other physical strength competitions. “Tone It Up Transformations,” spotlight members who have significant body changes from participating in special workout series, the nutrition plan or just the TIU regimen in general.

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