Trials, Tribulations and Stresses of Scripps Kids

ScrippsJournalism students of all types are pressured to be active in student organizations in their school. Adding the fact that you’re a Scripps journalism student takes it to a whole new level of crazy.

Although Scripps Kids will be the first to admit that they are insane with the level of clubs they take on, they also want to enjoy the social aspect of college just like everyone else. Being involved is important and you will be cheated out of your overall college experience if you don’t put in the effort to find a program that you adore.

But how much is too much to take on? A lot of it depends on your class standing. Freshman year you’re encouraged to go to an extracurricular fair where you can preview all the groups OHIO has to offer and you will be tempted to sign up for almost everything.

This is a really good way to psych yourself out early on. Your email will get blown up with hundreds of emails of information that you quickly realize you don’t want for the first semester of your college career. Try to give out your email address to groups in your major and maybe one that you think seems like a lot of fun. If there’s an organization you’d like to join later on, find their info on the internet and more than likely you will be able to join at any time throughout the course of the year.

As a freshman in college, my goal was just to learn to survive in my new environment and get the hang of things. As for others who are on the ball and dive head-first into organizations the first day they move in, all the power to them.

I’ve noticed with people like this, more times than not they break down early on or begin resenting the organizations and not enjoying college life. The key is to pace yourself. As you get older and more used to the college life, you will notice yourself gradually getting more involved and being able to take on heavier loads of responsibly.

Another important aspect is how well you are with your time management skills. Buying a planner was probably the most useful supply journalism students will buy in his or her college career.

If you’re planning on taking on a job during school as well, I would advise you to apply for jobs around the university. Working in offices and dining halls around campus are extremely accommodating to your work schedule as well as extracurricular activities. The only downside is the limited hours. You need to figure out if money or organizations is more important in your life.

With 15 credit hours, extra-curricular involvement, a potential job and hanging out with friends, you must wonder how some of these students can also juggle a relationship. This takes someone not much less than a superhero to accomplish all of this.

Keeping a healthy relationship (especially a long distance one) is a job in itself. Despite your constantly busy schedule, it is important to be sure to keep in touch with your significant other and ask about them as well as plan a few dates to see them as much as you can. Although they are a good distraction, they add a lot of extra work into your college life. This is why it is crucial to decide if the relationship is worth the time and effort.

You know yourself best and what you can accomplish with your time. It is important to realize that you are only human and deserve to have fun in college just like everyone else. Scripps can be intimidating in the amount of activities you can get involved in, but don’t spread yourself to thin!

You don’t need to be involved in everything to get noticed. You are a Scripps kid, which puts you ahead of the journalism game from the get-go in the work force. You are bound to be successful!

-Kelsey Miller is a sophomore majoring in strategic communication with a specialization in marketing and travel and tourism. Follow her at @Kelsey_65.

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