Homecoming Flyer

College Book Store Celebrates Homecoming with Charity

Homecoming Flyer
College Book Store will be celebrating its fifth annual Homecoming for the Homeless with a donation to Athens Good Works.

College Book Store will be ringing in Homecoming Weekend for the fifth year in a row with giving back to the community. The College Book Store ImPRessions account has been hard at work in Scripps 116 every Tuesday night preparing for Homecoming Weekend. Ohio University hosts Central Michigan for the annual Homecoming football game, but more importantly, Athens will welcome families, alumni and visitors alike.

College Book Store will be hosting their fifth annual “Homecoming for the Homeless” event.  Students and alumni will be able to help give back to the community by purchasing Bobcat apparel at College Book Store on Court Street and Union Street Friday through Sunday. Not only will you pick up some sweet Bobcat swag, but you’ll be giving back to the Athens community at the same time. College Book Store is donating 10% of total profits this weekend to Athens Good Works, a shelter for those in need.

Good Works strives to empower and change lives, offer shelter for the homeless and provide life-changing opportunities to those who they serve. Those struggling with poverty and homelessness in the rural Appalachian region look to Good Works as a safe place of hope.

In preparation for this event, three teams were designated from the CBS account:

The Design & Research Team investigated what Athens Good Works accomplishes for the community, and designed a snazzy flyer that has been distributed across the campus and community.

The Social Media Team has been tweeting their thumbs off in order to generate some attention for College Book Store. Follow them @CBS_imPRessions!

The Writing Team wrote a press release and pitched it to local news sources for media coverage.

The account will also be handing out balloons at the parade on Court Street Saturday morning. Make sure to stake a good spot and say hi to the College Book Store account! They’ve been hard at work to raise the largest donation for Good Works yet- so help them out by shopping at College Book Store this weekend for all your Bobcat apparel. Have a fun and safe Homecoming Weekend!

-Gentry Bennett is a strategic communications major and an account associate for College Book Store. Follow her at @gen_andtonic.

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