First ImPRessions: PRoperly PRofessional

Think back to your first few weeks as a freshman in college. I’m sure we all made those frantic calls back home in which we were convinced we were simply meant to join the fast food industry because we really just didn’t know what we were doing. “You’ll find your place,” said every adult we’ve ever known. “Just get involved!” So we gathered our group of equally confused, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshmen and made our way to the ever-confusing involvement fair on College Green. With so many organizations offered, we couldn’t even distinguish which paths we’d traveled thus far; the … Continue reading First ImPRessions: PRoperly PRofessional

Why I Love My Small College Town

Ever since I was a child my dream was to live in a big city. I pictured myself having my dream job at an agency, going out to dinner with colleagues after work and on the weekends roaming the city and discovering unknown shops and restaurants. Generally, I think that many journalism students aspire to live in a big city because it’s where we think of news stories first breaking and the fast-paced lifestyle correlates directly with the continuously changing social media landscape. However, despite my big city dreams, here I am in the small college town of Athens, Ohio. … Continue reading Why I Love My Small College Town

Blogging 101: What Should I Call Me?

Trying to figure out the theme of a blog, let alone the name could take hours, weeks or months if you’re really stuck. It’s like the epitome of writer’s block but worse because there’s not a definite focus. What did I do when it came to creating my blog? I thought about what I liked, what I am passionate about and what I am going to do with my life. The first two were easier, but the last one helped me with what I was going to write. My advice, follow these steps and you’ll have your own blog in … Continue reading Blogging 101: What Should I Call Me?

A Night of #SwingsNWings with the Copperheads

Wednesday night the Copperheads ImPRessions account held their first event of the semester. The Swings ‘N Wings World Series Watch Party, held at Buffalo Wild Wings, was a real hit. Attendees watched the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals battle it out in the first game of the 2013 World Series while snacking on delicious wings and other appetizers. Raffles were called between every inning as well, where Copperheads shirts, hats and bobble heads were up for grabs. Insomnia Cookies also graciously donated prizes to the event including gift cards, pens, magnets and hats. Homer, the snake wrangling … Continue reading A Night of #SwingsNWings with the Copperheads

How Shattering my iPhone Screen Taught me About PR

It finally happened. Just a few weeks ago I was walking around without a care in the word. I was texting, taking pictures, checking my Twitter feed, acting like my iPhone 5 was an indestructible commodity. But then, with one small slip of the fingers and one little shatter of glass, my entire world changed. Not to be dramatic, but shattering my nearly new iPhone 5 is definitely on the “Top 10 Bad Things That Happened To Me In 2013” list. My iPhone was my baby; the one special thing that I went to sleep with every night, and woke … Continue reading How Shattering my iPhone Screen Taught me About PR