Taking a Peek Into Agency Life at Edelman

Edelman_Logo_ColorAgency life keeps you on your toes; it’s fast paced, mentally demanding yet very exciting. Professionals working at an agency have different day-to-day agendas and are constantly challenged to be creative and curious thinkers.

During my time as an Edelman Trainee, I got a taste of what agency life is really like and what traits are essential for success.

Here are four characteristics of a successful PR pro at Edelman:

Creative- clients are always looking for the next big thing. Agency staff must be creative to drive interactive content and impression numbers with innovative strategies.

Enthusiastic- in order for the client to be enthusiastic, so must its PR team.

Team player- agencies are all about team spirit and encouragement. A PR pro must engage with the team to conquer daily obstacles and reach set goals.

Strong work ethic- agency staff work long hours. Most get to the office early and leave late in order to complete all assignments. With this, attitude means everything. A strong work ethic paired with a positive attitude will get any PR pro far.

Here are four perpetual aspects of agency life:

Client service- is the center focus for each project. Agencies strive for client satisfaction, and every effort has the client’s wants and needs at the focal point.

Large teams- depending on the client, teams can be rather large. It takes a small army to reach deliverable results. At Edelman, I met Account Associates, Assistant Account Executives, Senior Account Executives, Vice Presidents, General Managers and many interns.

Busy- everyday is busy at an agency. As PR pros, we are focused on creating the buzz for a product or cause. Agencies carry out multiple projects at one time.

Collaborative- two heads are better than one, and agencies truly hone that statement. Edelman pulls talent from the creative team, digital team and account teams to work together to tackle a particular task as a team….and their results show it!

Working on nation-wide campaigns and with brands such as Pop-Tarts, Pringles and Rice Krispies, I was exposed to a variety of PR tactics. I gained experience in media relations, digital analytics and consumer PR. While all this was cool, what I enjoyed most at Edelman was meeting Senior Account Executives to account Vice Presidents, and realizing what agency life actually entailed.

“PR is more than a set of tactics and tools. It’s a mindset.” –Richard Edelman

-Marisa Dockum is a junior communications studies major with a global leadership certificate. Follow her at @MarisaDockum

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