Top Celebrity PR Nightmares of 2013

Being in the public eye can come with many perks. However, the scrutiny and pressure to perform can at times push one over the edge. Not every star is equipped with a PR team that is effective in helping them maintain their image, and even those that are do not make the smartest decisions when it comes to the things they say and do. Here is a short list of some of this year’s most publicized meltdowns.

Alex RodriguezAlex
The New York Yankees heartthrob, also known as “A-Rod,” is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His highly controversial career can mainly be attributed to his expensive contracts and his admission to his illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs. His 10 year contract with the Yankees rings up to a whopping $275 million dollars, making it the richest contract in
baseball history. But his latest involvement in MLB biogenesis scandal could result in a lifelong ban from Major League Baseball. Let’s hope A-Rod can put his pride to the side and accept a suspension instead!

Paula Deen
The southern cuisine queen sparked quite a controversy when she admitted to using the n-word in a deposition this past May. The celebrity chef and her brother are being sued by the manager of their Savannah, Georgia restaurant for sexual and racial discrimination. Talk about a family affair PR nightmare! Deen has been the target of heated racial debate. Whoever said all publicity is good
publicity obviously was mistaken. The scandal took over social media and has been the topic of discussion on every TV and radio talk show. As a result, Paula Deen has lost countless endorsements and disappointed many fans. Food Network, who gave Deen her big break, was the first to cut ties with her and she also lost her deals with Target, Walmart, J.C. Penny, and Home Depot – just to name a few.

Amanda BynesBynes
Amanda, please! Amanda Bynes may take the gold for top PR nightmare of the year so far. Bynes brought in the new year with a bang as her off-the-wall tweets put her under the microscope. Nineties babies across the World Wide Web have been both heartbroken and entertained watching the former teen star spiral downward. From bizarre Twitter pics, to arrests, to verbally attacking former celebrity friends such as Rihanna via Twitter, to expressing her dissatisfaction with her weight and looks, Amanda truly seems to be crying out for help. Fellow former child star, Nick Cannon, has taken a stand and made a statement by supporting Bynes with love and friendship. “Call me,” says Cannon. Hopefully with the support of her friends and family the star we came to know and love will get the help that she needs.

Gordon Gee
The former Ohio State president retired July 1st shortly following attention he received for some off color comments about the Roman Catholic Church and Southeastern Conference schools. Following this, Gee was targeted by the university’s trustees who required an apology for his remarks and also issued a warning that future offenses could result in his termination. Along with the retirement, Gee signed to receive a $5.8 million dollar contract package to be dispersed over the next five years. The package includes an office, secretary
and a premium parking pass at OSU. Not too shabby there Gee. Apparently, not all PR snafus’ end in turmoil.

-Malindi Robinson is currently undecided but will be applying to the Scripps strategic communications program this fall as a sophomore. Follow her at @fillemalindi.

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