The Importance of Professional Personality

I find inspiration in 1-1

First, let me talk about my favorite brand. Herbal Essences Body Envy. Not only does this shampoo come in a fantastically bright pink and orange bottle, but it also makes your hair smell good enough to eat. Seriously. However, it’s not the color or the scent that really make me go crazy about this specific product; it’s the tiny, white, often ignored words on the back of the bottle that really make this shampoo for me. And here’s why:

“Turn up the VOLUME! Take those stunning strands to higher ground by lathering up with this lightweight formula. Just as citrus is exhilarating, this formula gives your luscious locks body and bounce,” reads the introductory paragraph. Now I don’t know about you, but all those alliterations and accolades already have me excited to wash my hair. By taking on a BFF, girly-girl attitude, the marketers of Herbal Essences Body Envy have perfectly honed in on the specific personality of their audience. And, as a girl, I automatically relate to the message on the back of this bottle and trust that it’s true.

Now, like the message on the back of my Herbal Essences Body Envy, the type of messages conveyed by agencies and corporations on consumers can have just as an impactful effect. In my opinion the goal of PR should be to convey a message in the most friendly, relatable way possible. Otherwise, consumers will be turned off by circuitous attempts to persuade. Public relations should be charismatic and creative, applicable and alluring. Within this personal yet professional parallel, relationships are born and the unbreakable bond of faithful consumerism is formed.

A balance of personal and professional can also be beneficial to individuals within the realm of public relations. In many instances, personality is key to getting ahead in this competitive industry. Whether it be a splash of color on your resume or a distinctive voice in your writing, personality is what makes you stand out to employers, personality is what makes an agency stand out to prospective clients, and personality is ultimately what makes a brand stand out to consumers.

Who knew the message on the back of a shampoo bottle could provide so much PR insight? Nest time you shower, I’ll bet you’ll be reading the fine print. 

-Briagenn  Adams is a junior studying strategic communications with a minor in French. Check her out at @Briagenn.

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