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We can all learn a little something from A&E’s hit television show, Duck Dynasty. Their social media team has done a stellar job with creating two-way communication between the self-described “redneck” cast and their dedicated followers, and their numbers are proof.  Duck Dynasty has moveduckd its way up to being A&E’s highest rated reality show and AMC’s number 2 series behind Walking Dead.

For those who are unfamiliar with this duck-obsessed family, the Robertson’s are a beard boasting family hailing from West Monroe, Louisiana. Their claim to fame is due to the patriarch of their clan, Phil Robertson. Phil perfected his duck call while he was young and founded his company, Duck Commander. Phil’s son, Willie Robertson has served as CEO of the company for the past decade, transforming it into a multi-million dollar business. 

But one of the things people are buzzing about is the social media accounts that have popped up in support of the show. Most popular are the Twitter accounts, which feature actual and parody accounts of the cast.


The @DuckDynastyAE official twitter handle boasts 781,000 followers but these numbers didn’t happen by accident.  The Duck Dynasty social media team has worked overtime in making sure their content is top notch and the fans are eating it up.

Last season, the official Duck Dynasty account would live tweet during weekly airings, sharing hilarious quotes and memorable moments from the show. Each show would feature a creative hashtag to get the avid fans or “Duckaholics” involved. Examples of hashtags include #AlohaRobertsons for the Season 3 finale where the Robertson’s took a family vacation to Hawaii, and #Yuppies, Phil’s favorite phrase to describe upperclass people.

Many of the Duck Dynasty cast members have their own twitter accounts which they update on a regular basis. This gives the fans a chance to follow their favorite cast members and feel as though they have a behind the scenes look into to lives of their favorite duck calling family. Much of the content is based on humor and the bold personalities, the driving force behind the show’s popularity.

Here a list of some of the most popular Duck Dynasty accounts and their number of followers:

@williebosshog (Willie Robertson) 908,492

@JaseDuckman (Jase Robertson, older brother of Willie) 861,650

@bosshogswife (Korie Robertson, wife of Willie) 515,617

@Duck_Commander (Official Duck Commander account) 370,003

@JepDuckman (Jep Robertson, younger brother of Willie) 356,506

The show has even sparked parody accounts using the patriarch figures of Phil Robertson, and the comical Si Robertson, the youngest brother of Phil. Accounts such as @WiseManPhil and @WiseManSI tweet inspirational messages which add to the family’s focus on faith within the show.

Make sure to tune into Season 4 of Duck Dynasty and see what their social media team has in store for another happy, happy, happy season!

-Jasmine Garcia is a senior studying public relations with minors in Spanish and business. Follow the Duck Dynasty-crazed fan at @JasmineRGarcia

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