PR For The Holidays: The Gift of Branding and Internships Event Recap

By: Kiley Landusky, Internal Account Associate

On a cold, rainy day on December 2nd the OU ImPRessions holiday party, “PR for the Holidays: The Gift of Internships and Branding” brought together account supervisors, executives and associates from the seventeen accounts for warm holiday cheer, warm wishes from fellow members and of course, warm food. The guests were greeted with a nametag and agenda listing the speakers that would later give valuable advice and praise of the spectacular PRSSA-affiliated group.

The party was kicked off with various potluck foods provided by members of ImPRessions. An introduction by Heather Bartman, Sienna Tomko and Dan Mulvey created excitement for the student guest speakers. Heather, Sienna and Dan stressed the importance of ImPRessions, their joy of its success and their gratitude for everyone being together before the terror of final exams.

We are quite lucky to claim the PR stars Hollie Amato, Nicole Spears and Sam Tischler as our own and even luckier that they agreed to present their successes and experiences in their internships after the friendly introduction from Heather, Dan and Sienna. Sam started by sharing her PACE employment experience and tied it to her experience in ImPRessions as well as her classes at Ohio University. She took pride in being a member of ImPRessions and said “this will teach you how to work in a group setting,” similar to how you would work in an internship. She encouraged the group to value every part of our experience as OU students and said, “Everything you do should be taken as a learning experience”.

Nicole Spears took the spotlight after Sam and let us in on her experience of interning in France. She gave us advice on what to do prior to any foreign internship. A commonly overlooked process before applying to foreign internships was translating your resume to the appropriate language of the country you choose to visit. Although the language barrier was the most difficult thing for her, Nicole was firm on stating that her experience was a great one and encouraged all to travel abroad. She said “you’ll meet a lot more people with global backgrounds,” which will help greatly in the new environment students will have to embrace in internships and careers.

After Nicole, Hollie Amato spoke about her work during an internship with Akhia, a public relations and marketing communications agency. She emphasized her use of ImPRessions on her resume, stating, “definitely brag about ImPRessions because it’s worth bragging about” and ImPRessions “gave me hands-on experience and examples”. She also told her fellow ImPRessions members to archive their work as they go for use in a future portfolio.

The guest speakers gave great advice for the current ImPRessions accounts and how to translate it to a professional setting in the future.

The accounts then gave us a short summary of their accomplishments thus far as well as their goals for spring semester. Just about every account discussed their social media activity and goals to enhance and increase their social media in the upcoming semester.

Some highlights from the account summaries were, the E.W. Scripps School account has 2,842 Twitter followers and the College Bookstore upped their followers from around 120 to 220! The Athens County Humane Society also gained 182 likes on Facebook. For the most part the accounts shared a common goal of reaching out to more people via social media.

Another common activity was the use of surveys to track the progress and outreach of accounts such as the GoBus account, which received 271 survey responses, nearly reaching their goal of 300. ImPRessions accounts seriously appreciate their audience and are always looking to give back to OU students as well as the Athens community.

Listening to all of the successes of ImPRessions members and their drive to be even greater as a firm and as separate accounts secured the pride of being an OU student. Bringing everyone together for this event made for a great welcome back from Thanksgiving break and a warm goodbye and seasons greetings before traveling home for the holiday break.




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