PReview: PR for the Holidays: The Gift of Branding and Internships

Theresa Ianni, ImPRessions Internal Account Executive

‘Tis the season! When Ohio University students walk up town, they are engulfed by the joy of the holidays; lights cover the trees that line the streets, and wreaths dress the streetlights. This year, Ohio University transitioned from quarters to semesters. While some students may still be adjusting to the switch, the ImPRessions firm is embracing the change with a holiday themed party.

The ImPRessions Internal Account is hosting the perfect present for any aspiring public relations professional: PR For the Holidays: The Gift of Branding and Internships. This event will focus on branding the ImPRessions experience to stand out during the internship search. Attendees will have a chance to hear from fellow students who have had a variety of internships and experience in networking and communications. Presenters will share tips, stories of their internship experiences, and advice for future internship applicants. Accounts will also have a chance to share their accomplishments and future plans for the upcoming year.

The event will end in a networking social and potluck lunch between account associates, executives, and supervisors. Students will have the chance to meet with other account members, learn about their experience, and simply mingle and make new friends.

This is the perfect way to end an already successful semester for the ImPRessions firm. Marykate Mchugh, my co-account executive for the ImPRessions Internal Account says she’s most excited for the opportunities that will come from this event, “It’s awesome to have members from all different positions within ImPRessions come together for a single event which benefits all involved.” 

So, while the lights continue to shine on the city of Athens creating a holiday feel, ImPRessions members will embrace the gift-giving season by sharing their experience in the PR world.

Happy Holidays! 



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