Working While in School, Weighing the Benefits of Campus Jobs

By: Kiley Landusky

I have long debated the idea of getting a campus job. There is of course the benefit of having more cash in your pocket, perhaps making a dent in tuition, but what else is there that would actually benefit me for my future? Shouldn’t I be focusing on school?

Well there are more benefits than just a little extra cash in your pocket. Having a campus job can greatly benefit your experience in a professional setting, sharpen your communication skills and even create friends. After talking to my friend, Kelly Mayer, I have warmed up to the thought of actually getting a job on campus. She works in Nelson dining hall, swiping people in for meals. From what I hear, campus jobs have done nothing but good for OU students.

“Having a campus job is beneficial because I get money and time management,” explained Kelly. She organizes her time more so than she would without this job because she doesn’t have as much of a luxury that other students have – an abundance of free time. From busying yourself, you become more productive and willing to finish tasks that come your way. I think that this is one of my problems; I need something to push me to get things done. Sitting around in my dorm all day makes me not want to do anything! A campus job would give me motivation to conquer all things that come my way, because I can’t afford not to.

Not only would students benefit right now during school, but this would also create a familiar structure to use once they have a career. Along with this, students could use their skills with customer service, since nearly every campus job involves communicating with peers and higher management. Kelly agrees, she said “I would use these skills in the future because I have more people skills. I used to be scared of talking to customers, but when you’re forced to, you get used to it”. A previous job of mine involved talking to customers furthering allowing me to understand how to address people when working and communicate properly, but for people who have not had this experience, it is crucial in getting yourself comfortable in a working setting. You’ll find that you have to have a certain tone when talking to customers, you have to show them that you’re there to please them and serve them and that they are important to you. I would not know how to do this unless I had a previous job.

Working a campus job ties students closer to the university and the people in it. “I’ve definitely met a lot more people, I recognize faces and have formed relationships,” explained Kelly. This continues the communication that helps in working with people. The social interaction is beneficial to any career field really, but helps especially in public relations. Networking is a huge part in being successful with public relations, so the more friends and connections, the merrier. I know that I should take advantage of the opportunity to meet people through work, you never know which connections may help in the future.

So for those like me that are questioning a campus job, I say go for it. That’s what I plan to do! Extra money, people skills, time management and networking definitely will enhance my growth as a PR star.

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