Philanthropy Spotlight: College Book Store Homecoming for the Homeless

By: Klare Williamson

The new shirt you buy Homecoming weekend may not only look good on you, but it’s also doing good for others. During homecoming weekend locally-owned College Book Store will be sponsoring their 3rd annual philanthropy event “Homecoming for the Homeless”. College Book Store will donate 10% of all purchases made in-store to the Good Works Timothy House. Last year more than $1,000 was donated to Good Works Timothy House from Homecoming weekend. The house has provided to over 200 men, women and children with an estimated 4000 to 5000 nights of shelter.

Timothy House is the only shelter in 9 counties available to men, women, and children who are in an emergency and need a place to go. Anyone who calls ahead can stay, but this year the staff are experiencing a shortage of space.

“We did not have room for most of the people who called in 2012. So far this year we’ve helped 163 different people, but we’ve had to say no to 200 people over the phone because we didn’t have room to be able to move them in,” said Andrea Horsch, Director of Caregiving for Timothy House.

Horsch says financial donations like those given by College Bookstore are what keeps the house running, “Financial donations to Good Works and Timothy House go toward utilities like paying the electric bill, keeping the lights on, keeping the house warm and also paying staff salaries so that we have people here making sure that the house is running smoothly and that the people who are living in the house are safe and have a stable place to be.”

To support Good Works and the Timothy House students can participate in “Homecoming for the Homeless” by making a purchase at College Bookstore on October 14th – 16th or by visiting and clicking on volunteer opportunities.

Timothy House

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