Top Resume Trends of 2012

By: Nicole Spears Top Resume Trends 2012 The top 5 resume trends of late and whether or not you should adopt them   Landing your dream job, earning respect in your field, building your professional reputation-it all truly comes down to one thing: a strong resume. That’s a lot of weight resting on one (or, in certain cases, two) simple piece of paper, be it heavy ply or not.   All the fuss over what’s in and what’s out for resume trends may seem silly at times. But, in fast-paced industry of communication, people are always creating new ways to … Continue reading Top Resume Trends of 2012

A Love for Columbus and Public Relations

By Sara Lowenstein   As a Columbus native, I am proud of the place I call home. This year is especially exciting as Columbus celebrates its Bicentennial birthday.  This summer I have participated in the Bicentennial by interning at one of Columbus’s premiere community programs: Leadership Columbus, a non-profit organization designed to educate and inspire emerging and existing leaders. As one of the top five ranked community leadership programs in the country, the 2,500 plus alumni comprise a multitude of platforms including local government, arts, health care, businesses, non-profits and more. During these last few weeks, my experience with Leadership … Continue reading A Love for Columbus and Public Relations

5 Tips for Staying Connected and Updated this Summer

By: Ashleigh Mavros Just because you didn’t land your dream internship or you wanted to work to save money this summer doesn’t mean you can’t return in the fall with a better insight into the PR world. This is your golden opportunity to get ahead with some simple tasks that you haven’t had the time for or quite frankly haven’t crossed your mind. Stay on top of your game and make the following your list of to-do’s before your summer vacation is over. Connect. Now is the time to pull out the stack of business cards and a list of … Continue reading 5 Tips for Staying Connected and Updated this Summer