Strategies for Crisis Management

By Ali Fortney
ImPRessions Internal Account

Crisis management public relations: limiting damages and rebuilding reputations since the beginning of time.  Businesses, celebrities, and political figures in the public eye often find themselves in the middle of very public scandals.  The glitz, glam, and fame of celebrity, unfortunately make it common for issues many working class people deal with regularly, to be enhanced and spread on the covers of tabloids.  Fraudulent businesses, drug dependent celebrities, and adulterous politicians work cautiously to avoid harming their well-known reputations.   When crisis strikes, one must hire an excellent public relations firm to limit and control the damage to their way of making a living.

Whether the scandal is in the form of a cheating politician or corrupt business, crisis management public relations firms mainly handle each case with the same basic strategies:

  1.  Obtain the facts – even if the client doesn’t want the public knowing every dirty detail, it is the firm’s duty to have knowledge of exactly what they are up against.
  2. Be prepared for public press conferences – before releasing any information, have a basic plan and outline exactly what will be said.
  3. Do not speak from multiple outlets – the last thing that the client needs in a time of crisis are different versions of the same story spreading like wildfire.
  4. Do not be afraid to apologize – make sure the client knows that the best way to retain their reputation is to show sincere remorse to their fans and/or devoted consumers if they are indeed in the wrong.
  5. Update the media – the public will be more likely to forgive and forget scandalous events of a business or celebrity if they are provided with immediate information and not left to assume the worst.

Most people can name many events where a celebrity or business has fallen from the good graces of fame and fortune.  In almost every case a representative agent with a strong background in crisis management public relations comes to the rescue.  Celebrities, businesses, and politicians all fall upon hard times and usually regroup and emerge stronger from the situation with the aid of great public relations strategies.

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