PRSSA National Affiliation: resume building

By Nicole Bersani, CEO Every month or so, the leaders in various PRSSA Nationally Affiliated student-run firms from around the country gather to talk about ways to make their firm better. The most recent call on Tuesday, Feb. 21 covered resume building with organizer, Jessica Noonan, PRSSA National Vice President of Professional Development, and  guest, Joe Clarkson, PRSSA National VP of Internships/Job Services. Both gave great advice that I would like to share with the rest of our members… While some students might not have agency internship experience but want to intern or work at agencies, joining a student-run firm is a great way … Continue reading PRSSA National Affiliation: resume building

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Presence

By M.J. Clark, APR Did you know that people with more than twenty LinkedIn connections are thirty-four times more likely to be approached with a job opportunity than people with less than five? LinkedIn is a powerful tool to increase your visibility and lead you to job openings, and yet it seems to me that students underutilize this tool. LinkedIn is an online network of more than 8.5 million experienced professionals from around the world representing 130 industries. Here are a couple of tips to help you get more mileage out of your LinkedIn participation. Add Connections. By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people … Continue reading Leveraging Your LinkedIn Presence

#AskOUrPRos Twitter chat a success

It was @OUImPRessions’ first ever Twitter chat with PR professionals and students from @ScrippsPRSSA to @CentralOhioPRSSA and beyond. Great thanks to @mjclark, our professional adviser, for helping us host the event and spreading the word. And of course, thank everyone who participated in the Corporate vs. Agency #AskOUrPRos Twitter chat! Join us February 29 at 7:30 p.m. EST for our next #AskOUrPRos chat! Please check out our Twitter chat review below. Students and pros, what was your favorite part? Continue reading #AskOUrPRos Twitter chat a success