ImPRessions makes great first ‘Impression’

By: Ali Fortney Associate, ImPRessions Account The scene was typical, a sea of newly accepted Ohio University students in Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium opening weekend.  Hundreds of freshman Scripps students sat anxiously in silence, waiting for the introductions of the various JSchool related organizations on campus. There was something for every major:  public relations, magazine journalism, broadcasting, etc.  As the executives of each organization presented, they were overwhelmingly excited and made you really want to be a part of their chapter.  However, there was one organization that made a strong “impression” on me—ImPRessions. Being a freshman with absolutely no background in … Continue reading ImPRessions makes great first ‘Impression’

How Steve Jobs changed the PR and Marketing World

By:  Annie Beard Associate, ImPRessions Account Apple is one of the most successful businesses to ever exist, and Steve Jobs was one of the most successful businessmen to ever live. What is one of the largest reasons for this success? Jobs’ insight on PR and marketing. Steve Jobs did things his own way for the majority of his career, and it obviously worked out fairly well. He knew how to persuade people by telling his customers why they need his product and how much easier their lives would be with it. People loved Apple and couldn’t get enough of what … Continue reading How Steve Jobs changed the PR and Marketing World

Going Social

By: Emily Pifer Associate, ImPRessions Account Twitter: @EmilyPifer There are a few things I cannot resist. Among them are meeting new people, the chance to put off studying for my midterms and helping myself to some free food. When I received the invitation for the Ohio University Radio Television Digital News Association’s “Social Media Social” this past Wednesday, I had to check it out. Bradley Parks, Social Media Chair of RTDNA, delivered a presentation about social media and the way it can be used as a journalistic tool. He was extremely knowledgeable about social media and the right way we … Continue reading Going Social