Scripps Moves to Strategic Communication

By: Cori Sherman Account Supervisor, GoBus and OHIO ROTC The workforce is moving fast and it could reach the point of overwhelming today’s graduates. Can you answer phone calls, write press releases, develop creative strategies, manage social media, contribute to newsletters, create an advertisement, attend meetings, write analyses, do follow-ups on projects, manage the media, talk to the media, write columns, mentor younger employees, meet the demand of managers and manage to squeeze lunch in somewhere? All in one day? Well congratulations for those of you who can and say, “Hey, that was easy.” But, it’s not. And sadly, it’s … Continue reading Scripps Moves to Strategic Communication

Interning in the Big Apple

By: Amanda Stefanik Co-Account Executive, OU Performing Arts Series For any student who is hesitant to apply for an internship because they feel like they don’t have enough experience or are worried about moving to the big city don’t be worried- APPLY! I am the perfect example of someone who was worried about not having enough experience and almost didn’t apply for a PR internship with the Miss Universe Organization. I took a risk and am so happy that I did. My internship with the Miss Universe Organization was THE best internship experience that I could have ever had and … Continue reading Interning in the Big Apple

5 Steps to Landing Your Dream Internship

By: Nina Bressau Account Supervisor, Bird Arena and Student Senate After joining multiple student groups, completing various unpaid internships and building a network of professionals, I finally got my dream internship this summer before beginning my senior year. How? Build connections, retaining connections and consistently trying to get your foot into the door of the workplace. I tried to come up with five important points that help you get the internship you have always wanted. 1.     Build connections. They are everywhere. You hear it over and over again: Meet professionals, introduce yourself, stay connected to classmates, professors and speakers. It’s … Continue reading 5 Steps to Landing Your Dream Internship

Dream, Pursue, Achieve: Landing the Perfect Internship

By: Caroline Allan Account Executive, Cardinal Health I’ve had this dream since I was a kid that I wanted to live in North Carolina. Sure I vacationed to the Outer Banks once or twice and thought the beach would be cool. Other than that I had no real solid reason for wanting to move there. It was like this uncontrollable urge in me I couldn’t fight. Something was telling me that I belonged there. So, for as long as I can remember, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. As any bright college student knows, the smartest way to test out your … Continue reading Dream, Pursue, Achieve: Landing the Perfect Internship

Why Internships Matter

By: Colleen Veeley Account Supervisor, Cardinal Health and Up ‘Til Dawn accounts This summer, I’m working as a public relations intern at Cardinal Health, a fortune 19 healthcare services company in Dublin, Ohio. Coming into the internship, I had little corporate public relations experience and zero healthcare exposure. I had the pre-internship jitters, but I feel at home already and am not ready for the summer to be over! I’ve learned essential skills that simply cannot be taught in the classroom. I’ve observed how my manager responds to issues. She prepares herself when she knows a reporter might be calling … Continue reading Why Internships Matter

New Executive Explores Florence, Italy

By: Brittany Venturella Account Executive, ImPRessions account Walking down the streets of Florence, Italy, I was originally overwhelmed by the medieval architecture and the towering cathedrals.  Although Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence’s Duomo or main cathedral, is breathtaking, there is something even more unique and special that Florence houses:  the Italian people. One night my friends and I ended the day by going to the Ponte Vecchio at sunset.  This historic bridge displays jewelry shops specializing in gold that have lined the bridge’s street since the Italian Renaissance. The jewelry shops are just one part of a long tradition of … Continue reading New Executive Explores Florence, Italy