ImPRessions seeks associates for Bob Evans account

With only a week left before classes start, we are preparing to hit the ground running with ImPRessions. After meeting with our Bob Evans contacts, it has become clear that the account needs to get started as soon as possible. That being said, we would like to find two or three associates to start work on the account ASAP and will be accepting applications immediately. Anyone is welcome to apply, though previous experience in ImPRessions or PR is preferred. Those who apply should be prepared to meet the first week of classes and ready to work hard. The Bob Evans … Continue reading ImPRessions seeks associates for Bob Evans account

Top reasons to join ImPRessions

By Ashley Showen VP, Operations As the school year quickly approaches, we are preparing for a great year with ImPRessions. With 13 clients, seven of which are brand new, there is no doubt that this year will be a successful one. There is plenty of room for students to get involved with the addition of four more clients than last year. We would love to have more members and encourage anyone interested to join. Here are the top reasons why you need to be a part of ImPRessions: Real world experience from day one. Whether you’re a freshman who barely … Continue reading Top reasons to join ImPRessions

Building an empire

By R. Devin Hughes CEO Recently, the SVP of professional and government relations at Cardinal Health spoke to the intern class, giving background about her job and providing helpful advice. One thing she said that really stuck out to me was, “you have a responsibility to help the people below you get promoted.” Looking at how ImPRessions has developed in my time with the firm, I couldn’t agree more. As an account executive or supervisor, you might be tempted to think “success” means that your account produced strong results for your client this year. While that is great, I think … Continue reading Building an empire

2010 PRSSA National Conference in D.C.

By Nicole Bersani VP, Administration You’ve probably been to a PRSSA chapter meeting, maybe even a Central Ohio PaRtners Conference, but have you been to a PRSSA National Conference? If so, you know the feeling – writing ideas/advice frantically in your notebook, getting inspired by successful PR pros and peers, forming friendships with fellow students in your chapter and chapters across the nation – it’s a feeling bigger than you, than the Hugh M. Culbertson chapter of PRSSA, than ImPRessions, than all journalism students in Scripps. I guess you have to go to a national conference to know the feeling. I … Continue reading 2010 PRSSA National Conference in D.C.

Get involved

By Hollie Amato Account executive, Backdrop Magazine There is nothing more intimidating than freshman year of college—thousands of new people, new classes and, most importantly, new opportunities. If you thought that high school offered a lot of chances to get involved, college will surely blow your mind. These options change from “extracurricular activities” to “organizations” and their variety ranges from Greek Life to Frisbee disc golf teams. I am going to begin by saying something that everyone has heard a million times but cannot be stressed enough,—GET INVOLVED! In high school, I was the type of person who had a … Continue reading Get involved

Embracing the red pen

Rachel Csaszar Account executive, Bob Evans Farms, Inc. We all know that moment when it seems like your life is over, everything you thought you knew is worthless, and the thought of “Who am I fooling?” crosses your mind as you get your printed work returned with a little more than it left with. The page covered with your beautiful words has been splattered with red, like a fur advocate after a run-in with PETA. You’ve been edited. It’s hard to accept defeat, especially on your first day at a new internship and, for some, your first day in the … Continue reading Embracing the red pen

Finding your own path and (being okay with) not taking advice

By Heather Farr Account supervisor “They’re not the best at what they do, they’re the only ones who do what they do.” -quote about The Grateful Dead No band in the history of rock music can touch the Grateful Dead. The individuals referred to as “Deadheads” were not just fans, they were a community; the performances were not just concerts, they were happenings and a way of life for millions of people; and the band was not just a young bunch of 1960s-era musicians, they were public relations and marketing pioneers. The San Francisco jamband broke all of the music industry … Continue reading Finding your own path and (being okay with) not taking advice