Creativity, brainstorming and the big idea

By Ali Myers Account supervisor I am lucky enough to be spending my summer in New York City interning for Quinn & Co Public Relations, a firm specializing in the real estate, travel, food, and wine + spirits industries. This is the first time I’ve done major PR work in a place other than Athens, Ohio and I would say that the audience I’m working with in New York City is just a bit different. (OK, a lot different.) The thing is, New Yorkers have seen it all. They are not easily impressed, and to grab their attention is a … Continue reading Creativity, brainstorming and the big idea

It’s not always about the money

By Molly Essell Account executive, State of Ohio Prescription Drug Abuse Campaign As hard-working college students, it sometimes becomes difficult to think of a job or internship as something other than a form of income. However, if you can find a niche in the PR world that you feel passionately about outside of the job, I guarantee you will feel rewards greater than any paycheck by using your PR skills to promote their cause. I say this confidently, because this year, I have had the amazing opportunity to work for a foundation that means a great deal to me in … Continue reading It’s not always about the money

Do what you love, love what you do

By Sam Browning Account supervisor While most PR students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University are utilizing this summer to expand their knowledge with various internships across the country, I decided to take a different route. I am claiming this summer as an opportunity to regain my sanity for next year. I have no internship that takes up each day and no job to frustrate me. At times during last spring quarter, my summer plans were embarrassing to admit. I am a typical JSchool kid. I am too involved, too committed and spread too thin with … Continue reading Do what you love, love what you do

Organizing is key

Sam Bartlett Account executive, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism What’s that we’re all hearing? It’s the sound of carefree summers screaming goodbye and the hello of ‘the real world.’ Although I do know some students who are still enjoying their free lunch and not having to work or intern…their reality will soon hit, and hit hard. I have personally been going nonstop–better start calling me the Energizer Bunny. Between working Monday through Friday at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, helping out around the house, hanging out with my boyfriend, family and friends, along with my exciting project of planning a book … Continue reading Organizing is key

ImPRessions’ newest client strikes a new chord

By Ashley Showen VP, Operations ImPRessions is pleased to announce the addition of a new client for the 2010-2011 school year, hip-hop/rap artist Kellee Maize. Maize, whose passion is to help people share the power of music, has recorded two albums to date and is the number one downloaded artist on Some of her most popular songs include: “Age of Feminine” and “Yesterday” from her debut album, and “Godette” from her newest album, “Aligned Archetype.” She has made a huge splash in the blogosphere and continues to gain notoriety across the Web. When she is not performing, she’s managing … Continue reading ImPRessions’ newest client strikes a new chord

How to create a media pitch that works

By Nicole Bersani VP, Administration So you made your press release, now what? You may write the press release of the century, but just sending it to random media outlets without knowing whose hands it will land is not always going to get it covered. Look back at Ashley Showen’s post, You can’t do it all. Do you find yourself too busy to take the time to know your media outlets? Instead, step out of the routine of sending it to the local and student publications because they are probably going to do their usual routine as well of deleting … Continue reading How to create a media pitch that works

ImPRessions helps students gain valuable skills regardless of major

By Bethany Scott Account supervisor Learning about public relations doesn’t limit you to one career path; but opens up the door for countless opportunities. The beauty of ImPRessions is that not only are you learning but you are also getting real life experience. I am a former account associate, who last year was an account executive, and next year will be an account supervisor. Although I would not change anything about my experiences with ImPRessions, I am not sure if public relations is a field that I am 100 percent certain that I want to enter. Transitioning into my junior … Continue reading ImPRessions helps students gain valuable skills regardless of major

PR is everywhere

By Grace Naugle Account executive, Cardinal Health In all parts of media that are developing, PR is always one of the most critical, relevant and major aspects of building a brand, developing an image and a position among audiences. This summer, in my case, my audience are readers. I am completing an internship at F+W Media, a publishing company formerly known as F+W Publications. I am showcasing the traditional pathway testing my true journalistic endeavors and skills as an editorial intern by writing, editing, managing content and researching for Horticulture magazine. Still, as a staff member producing a bi-monthly magazine, … Continue reading PR is everywhere