Stay Connected

By Nicole Bersani VP, Administration Every public relations student has heard about networking, but it is not always just about grabbing that business card at PRSSA meetings. It is about getting the person’s contact information, e-mailing them sometime after you meet, possibly getting coffee, asking them for advice, keeping in contact and hopefully getting connected to others. Think that it’s too much work? Here is my story: Once upon a time, I was at a usual Monday night PRSSA meeting in 2008 and met Shannon Stucky, an Ohio University alumna and an assistant vice president for FD’s (formerly known as … Continue reading Stay Connected

You can’t do it all

By Ashley Showen VP, Operations As overachieving Scripps students, we tend to think that we need to be the best at everything. Our competitive nature drives us to overwork ourselves into oblivion, or at least get very little sleep. What we must realize is that there is no possible way we can be experts in all aspects of our field. It is inconceivable that on top of taking 16 or more credit hours, working and attending meetings for the inevitably large number of organizations we belong to that we could ever stay up on all the latest trends and technology. … Continue reading You can’t do it all

ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

By R. Devin Hughes CEO Ohio University students don’t know what is about to hit them next year (though hopefully, with our PR efforts, they will). Last year, ImPRessions took part in its largest event ever, collaborating with the Black Student Council Programming Board, University Programs Council and Backdrop Magazine to put on the first MAYDAY event, a large outdoor concert featuring artists Clipse and Consequence. It was estimated that more than 800 people  attended. The success of this event opened our eyes to our potential to be a part of major campus and community events, an initiative we plan … Continue reading ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

Stand out

Ashley Showen VP, Operations Every day in PR can seem like a whirlwind. From answering e-mails to media monitoring to trying to fulfill your client’s every need, there is almost never a moment to spare. With that in mind, we tend to try to get things done as quickly as possible and, as a result, end up taking the “easy way out,” that is, playing it safe in our work. While it is easy to get into a routine of sending out the same news release to the same media contacts about the same events, those mundane tactics are not … Continue reading Stand out

Presenting the new ImPRessions website!

by R. Devin Hughes, CEO I am delighted to write the introductory post for the new ImPRessions website, moved over from Blogger to WordPress. Aside from needing to fill out a few biographical segments in our Leadership section, the site is complete and ready for public viewing. As this is a new venture, we would really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you have for the page; please feel encouraged to comment on this post or e-mail us at This website needs to accurately portray the excellence of our firm, so we welcome all constructive feedback that will help us … Continue reading Presenting the new ImPRessions website!