Bob Evans and Up ’til Dawn collaborate for a good cause

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                   Associate, ImPRessions account


ImPRessions’ Bob Evans and Up ’til Dawn accounts are proud to announce an exciting collaborative event. The two accounts are coming together to to promote the “Up ’til Dawn 5k, Helping St. Jude One Step at a Time.” All proceeds from the race will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Up ’til Dawn account wanted to host the 5k to help with fund raising. At St. Jude no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay according to their website. The account invited Bob Evans to help with promotion and add an extra appeal for participants.

“This will provide some great advertising for the Bob Evans restaurant down here in Athens,” said Rachel Csaszar, Bob Evans account executive.

The accounts are also excited to announce that DJ Pro Bono will be at the end of the race, helping the participants through the last stretch to the finish line.

The race will be May 22 starting at 10 a.m. at Ping Recreation Center. The race will finish at the Walter Hall lawn where a breakfast buffet will be provided by Bob Evans. Registration is $15 which includes a t-shirt and the breakfast buffet. To register email Checks can be dropped off to 111 Irvine Hall, on West Green.

For more information see the Facebook event “St. Jude 5k with Bob Evans Buffet” or find them on Twitter with the hashtag #stjude5k.

Up Til Dawn is on the Move

By Amanda Stefanik                                                                                                                                                                Associate, OHIO Performing Arts Series

Up Til Dawn account members have been working hard throughout fall quarter to plan, promote, and publicize their upcoming event to raise awareness about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

During fall quarter, account members primarily focused on planning OhioMoves. OhioMoves is Up Til Dawn’s letter-sending party, which will take place on Feb. 27. Account members have been making contacts to host or perform at the event.

Another area that Up Til Dawn focused a large amount of time on fall quarter was the creation of a YouTube video to publicize OhioMoves.  Up Til Dawn co-account executive Colleen Veeley said the account members are creating the video with a specific goal in mind. “Our goal has been to create a YouTube video that will inspire performers at the event and people who are choosing to sign up as a team,” Veeley said.

The account members have recorded four entertainers for the video, one of them being the OU Tapcats. The Up Til Dawn members are currently working on editing the video, which is set to be completed by week four of winter quarter.

The account members also worked to raise awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by passing out “50 Names Fast” forms. The form is for people to write addresses of 50 friends and family members. Then, those people will be sent a letter asking them to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Up Til Dawn members have continued to plan for OhioMoves over winter intersession. “Over the break, team members are contacting national companies for sponsorship of the event,” Veeley said. “Since we are communicating with them earlier, I expect more donations to St. Jude.”

The account members have a lot lined up for winter quarter. Veeley said that it will be their “busiest and most important quarter.” Along with launching the YouTube video for OhioMoves, the account members will continue to promote it.

After the video launches they will focus on the OhioMoves event itself by trying to register as many teams as possible. Veeley said, “Our goal is 200 people and we will be raising money for a prize for the best performer at the event.”

ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

By R. Devin Hughes

Ohio University students don’t know what is about to hit them next year (though hopefully, with our PR efforts, they will).

Last year, ImPRessions took part in its largest event ever, collaborating with the Black Student Council Programming Board, University Programs Council and Backdrop Magazine to put on the first MAYDAY event, a large outdoor concert featuring artists Clipse and Consequence. It was estimated that more than 800 people  attended. The success of this event opened our eyes to our potential to be a part of major campus and community events, an initiative we plan to continue next year.

The year has not even begun, and already some big ideas are flowing (I have to stress that these are ideas, so don’t yell at me if they are scrapped). Another MAYDAY (Backdrop). A drag show (ButtOut Ohio). A putt-putt tournament in the library (University Libraries). A dance marathon (Up til Dawn). Ohio University students will not be able to avoid the ImPRessions ImPAct next year; we will have our hands in too many fun things.

That’s not the only impact we will make, however. Let’s not forget the pro bono work we do. Raising awareness to the dangers of smoking (ButtOut Ohio). Fighting prescription medication abuse (Cardinal Health). Giving puppies a home (Athens Humane Society). Helping African children receive an education (Empower).

All told, there has never been a better time to get involved with ImPRessions, because our impact will be felt among Athens-wide, nationwide and worldwide audiences next year. By joining our firm, you won’t just be benefitting themselves from valuable PR experience—they’ll be making a difference.