ImPRessions Internal Update

As the 2013-2014 school year is winding down, the ImPRessions administration is still in high gear! Here are some updates on upcoming events and recent happenings!

#ImPRessThePRos Twitter Chat

We’re excited to announce ImPRessions is hosting a job/internship themed Twitter chat on Wednesday, March 26 from 7- 8 p.m.

ImPRessions is inviting all current members to join administration in Scripps 114 for pizza while we chat! If you can’t make it to Scripps 114, feel free to join the convo from wherever.

We look forward to getting a great conversation flowing from our current members about how to stand out in the internship/job process. Additionally, we would love to hear from graduated firm members and other professional connections to provide us with your stellar insight and lessons learned.

Former ImPRessions CEO (and PRSSA favorite), Devin Hughes is hosting the #ImPRessThePros conversation. Get the inside scoop and don’t be afraid to ask the best way to snag an interview, stand out in your job/internship, make long term networking connections, etc!

PRSSA National Affiliation

ImPRessions administration is excited to announce that we have received notification that we are re-affiliated as a PRSSA Nationally Affiliated firm for three more years!! It is through all of the amazing associates and executives’ hard work that we are nationally recognized as a student-run public relations firm.

Thank you to all of our members for making this possible!

2014-2015 Executive Board Applications

If you are interested in being a member of the executive board for the 2014-2015 school year, be on the look out for an informational email within the next week or so. We will be taking applications for the following positions:

  • Creative Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Internal Communications Director (formerly Finance Director)
  • Account Supervisor
  • Account Executive
  • Assistant Account Executive

Additional information on the position’s roles and responsibilities will be included when the applications are released. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Dan, Kristin or Melaina with any questions about the positions.

PRSSA National Affiliation: resume building

By Nicole Bersani, CEO

Every month or so, the leaders in various PRSSA Nationally Affiliated student-run firms from around the country gather to talk about ways to make their firm better. The most recent call on Tuesday, Feb. 21 covered resume building with organizer, Jessica Noonan, PRSSA National Vice President of Professional Development, and  guest, Joe Clarkson, PRSSA National VP of Internships/Job Services. Both gave great advice that I would like to share with the rest of our members…

  • While some students might not have agency internship experience but want to intern or work at agencies, joining a student-run firm is a great way to showcase your experiences and display that you have work that could mirror agency experience (via Jessica). In ImPRessions for example, members can work on various accounts throughout their four years at Ohio University — some even work on more than one per year.
  • “There is no real magic formula for resumes.” -Joe. Try to demonstrate specifics such as using the number of media outlets that covered your client during a certain release, the amount of money you raised in fundraising for your client’s event or the increase in retweets, mentions, etc. while you did social media for your client.
  • Avoid being vague (via Joe). You might not have all the specific information/results from your client about the work you did, but try to gather as much information you can, ask your client if they can share their results and/or approve the results you have.
  • Be specific but also explain — don’t assume everyone knows what you’re talking about on your resume (via Joe). On my resume, I have it listed as “ImPRessions, PRSSA Nationally Affiliated student-run firm, CEO.” Because I also mention my involvement in PRSSA, I mention that organization in a separate line as “Public Relations Student Society of America, Hugh M. Culbertson Chapter, Executive Board Member” and therefore do not need to write out PRSSA twice. Also, make sure to label that you are an account associate, account executive or account supervisor for Express, Cardinal Health, etc. and not ImPRessions unless you are on the internal account. For example, Sam Barlett is the account supervisor for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, College Book Store and ButtOut Ohio accounts in ImPRessions. If you have a sub-title such as social media coordinator, graphic designer, etc. then make sure to make that clear as well but also mention that role was while you were an account associate.
  • Highlight key terms and content (via Joe). Key words such as “team,” “community,” and “leader” are good examples of words to add. Also, any certain names of companies, events and software programs can be excellent key terms. Check also the company’s website that you are applying to — copy words they mention in their mission statement and on the application if it’s applicable to your resume.

If you ever need help with how to display your ImPRessions work on your resume, please do not hesitate to contact me at, our firm at, stop in our office hours on Wednesdays or reach out to our professional adviser, M.J. Clark at Also, more resume tips specific to ImPRessions members can also be found in our 2011-2012 Brand Standards Manual.

If you ever have any questions for Jessica, Joe or anyone else on the PRSSA Naitonal Committee, their contact information can be found on the PRSSA National website.

Members, alumni, professors…any additional tips you recommend?

National PRSSA grants ImPRessions national affiliation status

By Myranda Owca                                                                                                                                                                            Associate, ImPRessions account

ImPRessions is proud to announce they are now nationally affiliated through PRSSA as a student-run firm and will be until 2014.

There are more than 100 student-run firms in the country, but only top-notch firms that meet certain specifications set by PRSSA are granted national affiliation status, a signification of a firm’s adherence to the highest standards of public relations work.

“Ohio University’s PR firm has been consistently strong for so many years, and it’s sincerely gratifying to see the hard work of so many amazing students recognized in this way,” expressed M.J. Clark, professional adviser to ImPRessions. “As an Ohio University alumna and former OU PRSSA member, I feel great pride in the entire ImPRessions team for achieving this exclusive honor,”

PRSSA also specifically asked that ImPRessions be used as an example to other firms who are in their early stages, an offer the firm was happy to accept as it pursues a strong relationship with PRSSA and other student firms.

“The firm as a whole as well as every member will benefit from this because it allows recognition at both the National PRSSA and PRSA levels and access into a higher level of professional and student-base opportunities,” said Nicole Bersani, vice president of administration.

Growth in ImPRessions this year strengthened the firm’s diversity and helped with receiving national affiliation, Bersani explained. Diversity in the firm now ranges from health care to entertainment to non-profit.

“With the diverse clientele comes diverse work. We had various projects, campaigns, events and plans from each account that prove the hard work our members have been completing,” Bersani said. “Also, M.J. Clark’s knowledge and involvement has been apparent to not only the PRSA and PRSSA network but also to our firm in supporting us through the entire National Affiliation application since the beginning.”

With more members, the firm was able to service a large amount of clients and demonstrate its ability to balance such a large firm. It is about what our members put into their work that really shined through to the national level.

“I enjoy looking at a large member spreadsheet, but I enjoy even more when a client sends me a note raving about the great work we did for them,” said CEO Devin Hughes. “You receive National Affiliation because you do great work, so every member of our firm should be patting themselves on the back today, because they were the ones who made this possible.”

To Bersani, the application exemplified ImPRessions as one of the best student-run PR firms around.

“We did just that,” Bersani said. “Having this awarded to our firm means that we take all of our firm’s accomplishments and apply for PRSSA student-run firm awards as well as reach a brand new level of recognition and professionalism.”

According to Hughes, obtaining national affiliation does not mean the work stops; rather, it will force the firm to keep looking to improve upon what it has done and constantly create new ideas to better the firm in all aspects.“If we slip or get lazy, we might not get our affiliation renewed. A constant pursuing of affiliation will always push us to get better, and that is very good for an organization,” Hughes said.

Being recognized as a nationally affiliated firm will help immensely in creating future growth, a theme Hughes has pushed throughout the year.

“Achieving National Affiliation will help ImPRessions grow in size and credibility,” Hughes said. “By applying this label to ImPRessions, we can show prospective clients that an outside governing body has recognized us as a top-notch student PR firm, which gives them confidence that we will do great work for them.”