5 Pinteresters Every PR Pro Should Follow

Whether you’re procrastinating, or just looking for some new Pinteresters to follow, here’s a list of five Pinteresters for a well-rounded Pinterest Profile.

1. PR Daily (prdailycom). With almost 4,000 followers, this Pinner is the public relations newsletter we all PRDAILYknow and love in Pinterest-form. With boards ranging from “Social Media” to “Humor”, any PR pro can appreciate these boards. Their “Global Media/PR Events” board holds updates on upcoming get-togethers such as content marketing summits and PRSA’s International Conference. Following PR Daily is a great way to have a little bit of news on your home page.

2. Heidi Leonard (HeidiLeonard). Hello type-A personalities, this Pinterester is for you! Heidi Leonard, a HEIDIprofessional organizer, leads over 6,000 followers to a more organized life. This wife and mother from Georgia shows you the ways of ultimate organization. PR is one of the top ten most stressful jobs, and organization is key. Without it, stress levels will be on the rise. The most helpful boards for PR pros would be “productivity” and “goals & planning.” Follow and pin for a little peace of mind, and an organized life.

3. Scripps PRSSA (scrippsprssa). Our own Scripps PRSSA chapter, pins everything and anything a PR pro could PRSSAever need. From social media to interview questions, using Pinterest for business and how to stay healthy, Scripps PRSSA has a board for it. Follow them to learn more about what Ohio University is cooking up in the PR world.

4. Funny or Die (funnyordie). Who doesn’t need a comic relief every once and a while? This website’s Pinterest is just that. Ran by Will Ferrell’s production company, you can always count on a laugh from these pins. Over 8,000 FUNNYorDiefollowers come to Funny or Die for cute animals, celebrity jokes and Pinterest’s latest update: GIFs. Made from a series of animated photos or short video clips, GIFs are just what Pinteresters everywhere needed. Funny or Die’s GIFs range from a dog riding a turtle (quite adorably) to overly invested sports fan and their reactions, all funny might I add. How can you not follow something Will Ferrell is producing?

5. Social Media Today (socialmedia2day). Clearly a favorite in the public relations world, social media is SOC2DAYextremely important. Social media technologically drives our ever-evolving career path, and thus Social Media Today has made a Pinterest. For search engine optimization, content marketing, eBooks and branding boards, look no further. Coined “The world’s best thinkers on social media”, Social Media Today has over 8,500 followers, and can give you a jump start on the social media world, via Pinterest.

So whether you’re planning your future wedding or just pinning away travels to fulfill your wanderlust, follow these Pinteresters to get your daily dose of PR.

Gentry Bennet is a freshman studying Strategic Communications. You can follow her on Twitter at @Gen__andtonic.

Super Bowl XLVII: The Best and Worst of 2013

Briagenn Adams

Not only is the Super Bowl the biggest night for American football fanatics, but it’s also one of the biggest events for PR superstars and advertising addicts alike. During the 2013 Super Bowl this past Sunday, one 30-second advertisement went for as much as a record $4 million. Or – in other terms – about $133,333 per second of TV time. That’s almost enough money to pay for an Ohio University education seven years over. Whoa.

So, which companies spent their money wisely, and who would have done better investing elsewhere? PR daily named three of the best and three of the words advertisements this year.  

Let’s start with the worst. Honestly, who didn’t cringe during the GoDaddy.com kiss commercial? For many, that camera angle was a bit too close for comfort. The now-notorious lip lock that lasted a whopping 10 seconds took up 1/3 of the entire commercial, and cost the company almost $1.4 million. Talk about an expensive date!

Also in the running for worst commercial of 2013 was Beck’s Beer Sapphire advertisement, singing beta fish and all. There might have been an inside joke hidden in the ad somewhere, but we’re not getting it. Beta luck next time, Beck’s!

Last but not necessarily least was the Wonderful Pistachios “Gangnam Style” ad. Although this song has had its share of international acclaim over the past year, people were not pleased by its reappearance during the Super Bowl XLVII.

On a more uplifting note, other companies spent their money very, very well.  PR Daily has praised Audi, Best Buy and Taco Bell for having the best Super Bowl commercials of 2013.

Audi immortalized the secret dream of every teenage boy – to steal the Prom Queen’s heart and impress his entire school – during their 60-second time slot. The hashtag, #BraveryWins was tweeted over 3,000 times following the memorable commercial. Viewers couldn’t help but cheer with the boy as he drove his father’s Audi off into his own sunset of eternal high school glory.

Next on the list of best Super Bowl commercials was Best Buy’s hilarious escapade with comedian Amy Poehler.  Although anything Amy does is bound to be brilliant, Best Buy’s ad provided some much-needed and appreciated comedic relief during the nail-biting Super Bowl game.

And finally, Taco Bell’s, “Viva Young” commercial was a top rated ad. We all knew this was coming! The endearing performance of senior citizens going wild and living up the night could have made even the biggest fast-food hater crave nachos.

Some other memorable ads included Budweiser’s classic reunion story of a Clydesdale horse and his loving owner, Volkswagen’s controversial “Get In, Get Happy” Jamaican ad and Doritos’ makeup-clad, “Fashionista Dad” getup.

No matter the actual outcome of Super Bowl XLVII, the advertisements were, for the most part, all winners that night.