Performing Arts Series produces results on spring campaign

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                           Associate, ImPRessions account

Last Tuesday, the Ohio Performing Arts Series welcomed the highly anticipated Broadway Musical Avenue Q to the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The play is a hilarious story of a bright-eyed college graduate who finds himself living in New York City on Avenue Q with some nice, yet interesting, neighbors. Together they search for jobs, dates and their purpose in life. The play consists of a mixture of actors and puppets, though it is directed towards an adult audience, making it all the more exciting to watch.

In preparation for the play, the ImPRessions Ohio University Performing Arts Series (OUPAS) account began coming up with ideas to spread the word of the touring Broadway Musical.

Rebecca Goodburn, one of the OUPAS account executives, felt that the account came up with lots of great strategies to promote the event, and was pleased with the results.

“We worked hard on promotion for Avenue Q for about four months, so it was extremely rewarding to finally finish up and see how we did,” Goodburn said.

They hosted an event at The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grille in which they had cut-outs of Avenue Q characters, and the first students to post pictures of themselves with the “face-in-hole” posters won free tickets to the show.

Goodburn was very pleased with the turnout, and the way the account went about the planning. “Everyone on the account really started to come together on this project, which was fun and exciting to be a part of that collaboration.”

Overall, the event went great and the account was very pleased. Co-account executive John Marvar was excited about the experience the account gained from promoting such a large event.

Marvar said, “We were happy with the work we did and the results we saw, which was a huge deal, since the ROI on this project was on us.”

March associate of the Month

By Rebecca White                                                                                                                                                                               Account executive, ImPRessions account

Congratulations to Nicole Ranieri, March Associate of the Month!

Nicole Ranieri fell in love with public relations this past summer after her first internship. Originally interested in broadcast, she then knew she wanted to focus on PR as soon as the school year started.

“I had heard wonderful things about ImPRessions, and I loved the idea of getting to work directly with a client. Other organizations rarely offer that kind of experience,” Ranieri said.

Ranieri is a sophomore in the Journalism school. She is from Pittsburg, PA. Her hobbies include reading, writing, social media, working out and collecting and experimenting with an array of nail polish colors. Ranieri said her favorite book is He’s Just Not That Into You, which is also her favorite movie.

Ranieri is on the OHIO Performing Arts Series Account. She was interested in joining ImPRessions to increase her involvement in public relations and enjoys being creative in her involvement.

“I like having the freedom to do what the team thinks will be most effective, and I like actually working for a client.”

Ranieri said in the future she would like to work as a publicist for a single person or sports team. She also hopes to have a career that will allow her to incorporate Mandarin Chinese, which she is currently learning here at Ohio University.

The Performing Arts Series welcomes Avenue Q

By Rebecca White                                                                                                                                                                              Account executive, ImPRessions account


The Performing Arts Series account hosted a night of food, drinks, posters, face cut-outs and fun Saturday, March 12. The Avenue Q themed party was held at The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill to help promote the upcoming show.  The musical will show Tuesday, April 12 at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The Performing Arts Series account aimed to raise awareness and excitement about Avenue Q coming to Ohio University for the second year in a row. “Our overall goal is simple: attract students to the Performing Arts Series, especially the Avenue Q event,” said John Marvar, Co-Account executive of the Performing Arts Series account.

The account promotes the variety of shows the OHIO Performing Arts Series hosts. For the Avenue Q event however, The Performing Arts Series is counting solely on ImPRessions for promotions and ticket sales.

“Not only does this give us a large amount of responsibility, but we will also be able to directly evaluate how our hard work pays off in terms of ticket sales,” said Rebecca Goodburn, Co-Account executive.

The Avenue Q promotion party featured free food, non-alcoholic drinks and the chance to win free tickets. There were a variety of promotional materials at the event including poster boards of the Avenue Q characters with their faces cut out so guests could take pictures in them. The account encouraged guests to take pictures and post them on the Facebook page. They will select a winner for the best photo to receive free show tickets.

Avenue Q is a smash hit musical and has received several Tony Awards. The musical features “Rated R” puppets that portray racy topics such as sex, drugs, homosexuality, racism and growing up in general.

The account plans to continue promotions into spring quarter. Marvar said this may include another promotional event or business outreach.

Marvar said, “The opportunities are endless and we’re all very excited.”

For more information about Avenue Q and other OHIO Performing Arts Series events check out the account’s blog.

ImPRessions contributes to successful Ben Folds concert

By Lexi Messenger                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, ImPRessions Account

ImPRessions and the Ohio Performing Arts Series welcomed Ben Folds last week. PHOTO PROVIDED BY: OHIO Performing Arts: 2010-11 Concert Series


Ohio University has an impressive lineup of entertainment to keep the year exciting. This provides the Ohio University Performing Arts Series account members with plenty of public relations work to keep them busy.

Their latest task focused on the promotion of Ben Folds who came to perform on Jan. 26.  The account got word out about the concert through various techniques.  The account gave a press release to the Associate Director of Campus Events and a pre-show blog was posted.  They also updated Twitter and Facebook to spread awareness through multiple platforms.

The promotions paid off as Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium saw an energized crowd pour into the seats the day Ben Folds came into town.  After an exciting show, including old favorites as well as songs from his newly released Lonely Avenue album, the Ohio University Performing Arts Series account followed up with a post-show blog applauding the event.

Their members are also looking forward to campaigning for the Broadway smash hit musical Avenue Q which will be coming to campus on April 12.  The Performing Arts Series is handing all responsibility of promotion of the event to the ImPRessions account. This gives them a great way to see just how well their promotions will do by tracking ticket sales.

To read more about the Ben Folds concert and future events, check out the OUPAS account blog at or their twitter account,

Performing Arts Series campaigns with contest, cupcakes and more

The Performing Arts Series account hosted a contest for free tickets to whoever found the "golden Mo". The contest is just one of the promotions used in their campaign for the "An Evening with: Mo Rocca" event.

By Amy Worrell                                                                                                                                     Associate, ImPRessions Account

This past Wednesday, Ohio University was lucky enough to host TV personality and news correspondent, Mo Rocca. The Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium was filled with anxious members of the Athens community.  However, the outstanding turnout for this presentation would not have been possible without the hard work of the Performing Arts account of ImPRessions.

This account has been working nonstop to publicize this very special speaker.  Mo Rocca is most notable for his work on television shows “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me”, “The Daily Show” and “CBS News Sunday Morning”.

Members of the Performing Arts account have been posted at tables located in Baker Center promoting Mo. They expressed creativity, and maybe a little bribery, by giving away cupcakes decorated with Mo Rocca’s face. The members of the account also made sure to provide clips of Mo Rocca to passersby.

The account also held a contest, anyone who found the golden Mo Rocca flyer was awarded with two free tickets to his performance.

Theresa Ianni, a freshman at OU, said, “Mo Rocca’s humor is very unique and entertaining.  It made for a great show and great time.”

Naturally, the promotion was a success, as people around campus are still buzzing about their “Evening with Mo Rocca”.

Presenting the new ImPRessions website!

by R. Devin Hughes, CEO

I am delighted to write the introductory post for the new ImPRessions website, moved over from Blogger to WordPress. Aside from needing to fill out a few biographical segments in our Leadership section, the site is complete and ready for public viewing. As this is a new venture, we would really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you have for the page; please feel encouraged to comment on this post or e-mail us at This website needs to accurately portray the excellence of our firm, so we welcome all constructive feedback that will help us to do so.

The creation of this new site dates back to last year, when I asked the ImPRessions account to analyze the websites of top-notch PR firms around the country to see what was traditionally done in the field. The team came through, presenting a list of suggestions for the design of a new ImPRessions website as well as producing some sample copy for the pages. Because of the various projects we were involved in,  I pushed the potential creation of the new website to the future, mentally storing the ideas the account members had suggested. Now, with the free time that summer offers, the ideas have become a reality.

Why model ourselves after these top PR firms? Because we are a top PR firm. The firm-wide oversight I had last year as assistant director showed me as much. We have a truly exceptional group of students with extraordinary amounts of enthusiasm, and time after time I heard reviews from clients who were extremely pleased with the work we had done for them. Stepping into the role of CEO, I realized it was time for the entire firm to own its potential.

This new website is a major step in a new way of branding ImPRessions. We are more than just a “student PR firm.” We are a credible, viable and exemplary public relations service. We provide tangible value to any client we take on. Looking at ourselves as just a “student PR firm” only creates psychological limitations within ourselves.

My vision for this firm is to move forward to a place where we are not just a great student PR firm; we are a great PR firm that happens to be employed of students. Re-branding ourselves as such removes the perceived qualitative and geographical limitations of our work; we can, in fact, go anywhere and do anything. This vision began to become reality in the past few months, when we chose to move from nine clients to 13, a 30 percent increase in client base.

We added a company that is #17 on the Fortune 500 (Cardinal Health), two clients that impact, oh, every student at Ohio University (University Libraries and the OHIO Performing Arts Series) and partnered with a firm that is a global leader in public relations (Fleishman-Hillard). Oh, and our work is so highly regarded that we added a client that is only the greatest journalism school on the planet (E.W. Scripps School of Journalism).

As ImPRessions steamrolls forward, we refuse to grow complacent with our already high-quality work or set any limitations on ourselves.  It is an exciting time to be involved with this firm and I cannot wait for next year to begin.

Alas, with only week two of summer vacation set to begin, we will have to settle for a new website for now. There will be blog posts throughout the summer so I encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date. Again, we would really appreciate any thoughts on the new page in the comments section, or e-mail us if you are shy.

With the introductory post complete, and by the powers vested in me by the Public Relations Student Society of America, I hereby pronounce this website open and operational. Happy visiting!