Five Companies You Should Be Following On Social Media

By: Emily Barber, @emilybarbershop

With hundreds of posts filling our feeds every day, it’s easy to scroll through social media without actually seeing anything. Add in brands vying for your attention, and even your favorite restaurant might get lost in the mix. These particular companies excel at capturing and engaging their audiences with a strong social media presence.

1. Denny’s

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.12.27 PM

This classic restaurant stays up to date with pop culture references and humor that keeps followers entertained. With the majority of social media users being of the ‘millenial’ generation, Denny’s knows how to appeal to their audience.


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.14.26 PM

This company has a major focus on giving back to communities, when customers buy a pair of their shoes, but every year TOMS also sponsors One Day Without Shoes. Just a few weeks ago, for every picture that was shared tagged with #withoutshoes, TOMS gave a pair of shoes away to a child need. Awesome pictures combined with compassionate acts makes for a great Instagram!

3. Taco Bell

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If you’re looking for something to spice up your Twitter feed, check out Taco Bell’s saucy posts. Recently, the chain launched their breakfast menu and accompanied it with the #BreakfastDefector campaign. Filled with mystery and excitement, this built up followers’ anticipation for the day when waffle tacos would be available.

4. Jeep

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.15.11 PM

Jeep is worth following, even if it’s only for the pictures of beautiful cars and scenery. This iconic automaker recently partnered with the upcoming music artist X Ambassadors. The band’s new hit “Renegade” conveniently shares a name with one of Jeep’s most popular models, making the duo a match made in heaven. Warning: pictures may cause wanderlust.

5. Anthropologie

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Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for inspiring crafts, Anthropologie’s Instagram is full of recipes, blog posts and outfit ideas. One of their recent posts even introduced a contest with a 500 dollar shopping spree up for grabs!

The Latest in Social Media Fashion: Hacking

By: Kiley Landusky 

Reently, mutiple twitter accounts have been hacked, but some are choosing to go faux. MTV chose to falsely hack their own Twitter account in response to the recent hackings of Jeep and Burger King Twitter accounts. Is this a smooth move in the public relations world? Most think not. Although it picked up attention, MTV’s wild idea weakened their trust with the public.

Its perhaps “immature” reaction to the situation was quite contrary to the other powerful businesses seriously involved with social media. A laughing matter to MTV was a serious crisis for others. The fear of trademark symbols being replaced with their competition and a loss of precious customers and followers set in and caused a rapid change in security for many companies.

Following the media crisis, PR Daily reposted a previous article from their site giving tips on how to keep social media secure. The best and most obvious solution PR Daily gave was to create complex passwords including a combination of capital letters, multiple characters and numbers. It also suggested purchasing password managers or utilizing free password managers to aide in creating unique passwords.

Using the same password is convenient to the individual and takes little memory capacity but is a serious risk when considered in public relations and big name companies. Extra security measures are a must and are held in high regard only when crises like Burger King’s and Jeep’s occurs. May this be a lesson to all handling social media for a sacred brand; take the extra step and protect your image!