Music Monday: Marketing in the Music Industry Today

By: Will Gibbs @w_gibbs

It’s no secret that the music industry is changing. Album sales are down and streaming services have become high priorities for many in the industry. However, musicians still have to market their new projects and there is several ways artists get their name out in hopes of boosting sales.

Drunk in love with Queen Bey

Last December, Beyoncé dropped her self-titled album with no previous promotion or announcement. It sold over 600,000 copies in three days. Now, it is important to consider the fact that Beyoncé is Beyoncé, and not just anyone can release an album out of nowhere and expect it to do well commercially. She is one of the most successful musicians today and has garnered a big enough fan base to generate buzz quickly.

Won’t you stay with me?

Newcomer Sam Smith has charmed his way into the hearts of listeners around the world with his smooth and soulful voice, but before his album In The Lonely Hour debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, he performed on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Smith used guest appearances on other songs, Naughty Boy’s “La La La” and Disclosure’s “Latch” to develop a following before his debut album came out in May.

Making deals with iTunes

Irish rock band, U2, partnered with Apple to release their new album, Songs of Innocence, to every iTunes store customer for free. The deal was exclusive to Apple products and non-Apple users had to wait to buy the album until it was physically released over a month later. The announcement was made at a highly publicized Apple Co. event, and the company has reportedly spent $100 million on U2’s marketing campaign.

It’s more than Summertime Sadness

Lana Del Rey decided to take a “less is more” approach when promoting her new album, Ultraviolence, this year. While she debuted the first single off the album, “West Coast” at the Coachella Music Festival – even with an overwhelmingly positive response, she did not do any television performances or interviews before the album was released. While she has been known for her mysteriousness and exclusivity in the past, it is rather interesting that with very little promotion, her album was able to sell 182,000 copies in its first week of release.

With the changing music landscape, artists have to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to promoting their albums. Some prefer to let the music speak for itself and remain out of the public eye, while others, like Taylor Swift, participate in a very busy marketing campaign in order to sell albums.

like Taylor Swift, participate in a very busy marketing campaign in order to sell albums.

AVW reaches out to students through social media

By Clare Lanning                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, AVW Productions account

Upon starting spring quarter, our goal for AVW Productions was to continue generating ways to extend their network using social media. Since Greek Week is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for Greek life on campus, with around 10 percent of the student body participating, our ImPRessions team thought that there would be no better event to cover to bring more publicity and awareness to AVW, particularly Ohio Sports Zone (OSZ).

Eager and excited to participate in the annual Greek activities, we began to brainstorm how OSZ could be incorporated into the events and get the student body involved and intrigued by AVW. After discussing it with the AVW productions team, we decided to dedicate a whole OSZ show to Greek Week that would capture all the events of the week.

The most popular event of Greek Week is Air Bands. We aimed to capture the spirit of the event and create a competition. Starting April 17, anyone who “liked” the AVW Productions Facebook page could participate in the Greek Week Competition and vote for their favorite air band team by “liking” the team’s album cover. The winning team who had the most “likes” by April 28, would receive a professionally made DVD of their Air Band performance.

Members of the AVW ImPRessions team spread the word about the competition and it started off very successful with hundreds of students liking the page. OSZ was filming throughout the entire Greek Week and had planned on putting clips of the highlights on the AVW Facebook page daily to generate more interest for the show. Also, the producer of OSZ, Mike Zorbas, was going to select his favorite team from each event and that team will be featured in a segment called “Producer’s Pick.”

Everything was executed and planned to perfection until the middle of the competition when we were informed that the Greeks were no longer willing to cooperate. Our efforts to generate positive publicity for OSZ and AVW were not appreciated by the Greek committee. They viewed the competition as becoming “too competitive” and as an event that was taking the spirit out of Greek Week. This was no our intention as we were trying to work with the Greek organization in a positive way. As an account in ImPRessions, we would like to see this competition possibly continue in the upcoming years, but it is obvious that better communication must take place. It was obvious, from the student body responses and reactions to the competition, that contact with the Greek committee must start at the beginning of the year in order for everything to run smoothly.

Although our plan and creativity was extremely beneficial, we could have used a back-up plan and done further research with the Greek committee to prevent the unfortunate series of events that occurred. Overall this was a major learning experience for our account and something we hope other ImPRessions teams can learn from as well.

The Performing Arts Series welcomes Avenue Q

By Rebecca White                                                                                                                                                                              Account executive, ImPRessions account


The Performing Arts Series account hosted a night of food, drinks, posters, face cut-outs and fun Saturday, March 12. The Avenue Q themed party was held at The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grill to help promote the upcoming show.  The musical will show Tuesday, April 12 at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The Performing Arts Series account aimed to raise awareness and excitement about Avenue Q coming to Ohio University for the second year in a row. “Our overall goal is simple: attract students to the Performing Arts Series, especially the Avenue Q event,” said John Marvar, Co-Account executive of the Performing Arts Series account.

The account promotes the variety of shows the OHIO Performing Arts Series hosts. For the Avenue Q event however, The Performing Arts Series is counting solely on ImPRessions for promotions and ticket sales.

“Not only does this give us a large amount of responsibility, but we will also be able to directly evaluate how our hard work pays off in terms of ticket sales,” said Rebecca Goodburn, Co-Account executive.

The Avenue Q promotion party featured free food, non-alcoholic drinks and the chance to win free tickets. There were a variety of promotional materials at the event including poster boards of the Avenue Q characters with their faces cut out so guests could take pictures in them. The account encouraged guests to take pictures and post them on the Facebook page. They will select a winner for the best photo to receive free show tickets.

Avenue Q is a smash hit musical and has received several Tony Awards. The musical features “Rated R” puppets that portray racy topics such as sex, drugs, homosexuality, racism and growing up in general.

The account plans to continue promotions into spring quarter. Marvar said this may include another promotional event or business outreach.

Marvar said, “The opportunities are endless and we’re all very excited.”

For more information about Avenue Q and other OHIO Performing Arts Series events check out the account’s blog.

A Valentine Victory

By Myranda Owca                                                                                                                                                                            Associate, ImPRessions account


The AVW Productions Valentine Variety show was a hit. The event featured stand-up comedy from the company’s comedy shows, Fridays Live and Baby Mountain. The event also featured numerous performances and bands such as, Eudora Pelerson, Daniel Ahrens, Zachary Coleman, Jake Loew, Dan Baker and The Trap Kings.

The Valentine Variety Show took place in The Front Room in Baker Center Wednesday, Feb. 9 at seven thirty and ended around nine thirty. There was constant attention from students who came to watch with their friends for some nightly entertainment, others who came to study, and people passing through just grabbing some coffee.

The event went off flawlessly due to the ImPRessions team vigorously planning and marketing the event. Prior to the event the team was busy hanging fliers around campus getting the word out. The day of the variety show the account had a hot chocolate give-away also at Baker Center to promote the event and get people talking.

All their hard work seemed to really pull off a great show in the end. The account made it look effortless since the show went off without a hitch. The success of the show genuinely reflected all the behind the scenes publicity they did with a great turn out and an impressive show for everyone to see.

The whole program was recorded and AVW will be uploading clips later in the week so be keeping your eyes open if you missed out on attending last week! Until then check out the AVW YouTube channel.

ImPRessions contributes to successful Ben Folds concert

By Lexi Messenger                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, ImPRessions Account

ImPRessions and the Ohio Performing Arts Series welcomed Ben Folds last week. PHOTO PROVIDED BY: OHIO Performing Arts: 2010-11 Concert Series


Ohio University has an impressive lineup of entertainment to keep the year exciting. This provides the Ohio University Performing Arts Series account members with plenty of public relations work to keep them busy.

Their latest task focused on the promotion of Ben Folds who came to perform on Jan. 26.  The account got word out about the concert through various techniques.  The account gave a press release to the Associate Director of Campus Events and a pre-show blog was posted.  They also updated Twitter and Facebook to spread awareness through multiple platforms.

The promotions paid off as Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium saw an energized crowd pour into the seats the day Ben Folds came into town.  After an exciting show, including old favorites as well as songs from his newly released Lonely Avenue album, the Ohio University Performing Arts Series account followed up with a post-show blog applauding the event.

Their members are also looking forward to campaigning for the Broadway smash hit musical Avenue Q which will be coming to campus on April 12.  The Performing Arts Series is handing all responsibility of promotion of the event to the ImPRessions account. This gives them a great way to see just how well their promotions will do by tracking ticket sales.

To read more about the Ben Folds concert and future events, check out the OUPAS account blog at or their twitter account,

Performing Arts Series campaigns with contest, cupcakes and more

The Performing Arts Series account hosted a contest for free tickets to whoever found the "golden Mo". The contest is just one of the promotions used in their campaign for the "An Evening with: Mo Rocca" event.

By Amy Worrell                                                                                                                                     Associate, ImPRessions Account

This past Wednesday, Ohio University was lucky enough to host TV personality and news correspondent, Mo Rocca. The Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium was filled with anxious members of the Athens community.  However, the outstanding turnout for this presentation would not have been possible without the hard work of the Performing Arts account of ImPRessions.

This account has been working nonstop to publicize this very special speaker.  Mo Rocca is most notable for his work on television shows “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me”, “The Daily Show” and “CBS News Sunday Morning”.

Members of the Performing Arts account have been posted at tables located in Baker Center promoting Mo. They expressed creativity, and maybe a little bribery, by giving away cupcakes decorated with Mo Rocca’s face. The members of the account also made sure to provide clips of Mo Rocca to passersby.

The account also held a contest, anyone who found the golden Mo Rocca flyer was awarded with two free tickets to his performance.

Theresa Ianni, a freshman at OU, said, “Mo Rocca’s humor is very unique and entertaining.  It made for a great show and great time.”

Naturally, the promotion was a success, as people around campus are still buzzing about their “Evening with Mo Rocca”.

ImPRessions aims to raise awareness for student-produced network

By Becca Reif                                                                                                                                                                                   Associate, ImPRessions Account

In keeping their commitment to entertainment PR, ImPRessions has made AVW Productions the newest addition to their client list. In an attempt to boost awareness and attention for the 14 different student-produced television shows that AVW offers, ImPRessions is planning to use surveys, events, and social media to promote their client.

“AVW is receiving constant competition from the local WOUB television network, which has an advantage not only in viewers, but in funding as well,” said Sarah Rucker, marketing manager for AVW, during her first meeting with ImPRessions. Of the 14 shows that AVW produces, they plan to focus on promoting their three most popular shows: “Fridays Live” (a spin-off Saturday night live), “Confused” (a children’s show), and “Ohio Sports Zone” (a show reporting about OU Athletics).

As main focus of their attempts to promote AVW, ImPRessions is preparing to survey the OU student body to help get insight about what students really know about the network. They believe that gaining more knowledge through student surveys will help them figure out the best way to gain more viewers for AVW.

ImPRessions plans to start their promotion for AVW’s “Ohio Sports Zone” this upcoming basketball season by asking local bars to turn on the show when it comes out on Thursday and Friday nights. Additionally, ImPRessions plans to design advertisements, host events and launch a social media campaign to help popularize AVW’s top three shows.

“We are very excited to add AVW Productions to our already-impressive client list,” said Devin Hughes, chief executive officer for ImPRessions. “AVW Productions boasts a great deal of talented students and I look forward to working with them.”