ImPRess clients and customers through design

By:  Ali Fortney
Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account


The term “public relations” encompasses a wide array of topics and techniques.  Many factors influence whether or not a company is properly using PR to its advantage.  Design can make or break a business’ public relations agenda.  While many companies are increasingly using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers, they must remember basic PR techniques that will never get old.

For example, the magazine advertisement.  Many companies promote their brand through advertisements in large magazines such as People, Vogue, Time or Rolling Stone.  Businesses must keep in mind that the designs of advertisements are crucial in creating a successful PR campaign. When designing, the company must make sure the target audience is reached.  Public relations teams must first do research as to what the audience is looking for when it comes to branding.

Once research is gathered, the company is ready to design an advertisement public relations campaign.  The advertising and PR world are very much intertwined in the marketing aspect of the business world. When designing any form of advertisement, companies must remember a few simple steps:

  1. Keep it simple – No one wants to look at a print ad full of clutter.
  2. Be aesthetically pleasing – Make the advertisement appealing to the eye.
  3. Focus on the audience – Use research to determine what the audience wants.
  4. Make a statement with color – When advertising a brand, incorporate the brand colors into the advertisement.
  5. Less is more – Too many words or pictures in an advertisement can be a turn off for consumers.

Design is an invaluable part of the public relations process.  In many cases, it can determine the success of a company’s marketing campaign.  It is important to remember that the audience must enjoy the business’ marketing strategy, in order for the company to be successful.  Print advertising and design plays a huge role in PR and must not be forgotten amidst the social media whirlwind.


Specialized Teams Ensuring Success

By: Annie Beard
Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account

The ImPRessions College Book Store account is getting creative on getting work done. They have come up with a new, easy way to be highly productive in a small amount of time. Want in on their secret?

They divide their account up into four separate groups that work on projects specific to their expertise. The four groups inside the CBS account are the design team, the writing team, the social media team, and the research team. They are all vital to the success of the account, and all work together in finishing projects.

Each team within the account has specific roles and jobs they must achieve.  For example, the design team creates flyers, ads, and posters promoting events or sales that the College Book Store has going on. They did a lot to promote their Homecoming Weekend event, “Homecoming for the Homeless.”

The writing team creates press releases including things such as sales increases, CBS’s involvement in the community, and other topics along those lines.

The social media team really focuses on the CBS account’s Twitter and Facebook pages. They have recently been working on increasing friends and followers on both of these social media sites.

The research team is working on market research. For example, what do students want from College Book Store? Or what would make it easier to rent/ buy from CBS?  Where else do students rent their books?

As you can see, breaking up into groups inside an account makes it easier to get more done. Alaina Martini, the CBS secretary said that, “We can accomplish many things at one time by delegating tasks to each group.”

They are all working towards the same goal of promoting their account, the College Book Store, while saving time. They use the weekly meetings to sit down and put all of their work together. Martini also said, “At the meetings all the groups fill each other in on what they have been doing. This is helpful because if someone on the writing team has a design idea, we can share it then.”

This is a technique that other accounts within ImPRessions could use, also. It is a genius way to keep your account ahead of the game, while learning everything you need to know about the PR world!